5 Best Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults 2020

Mon, Aug 16, 21

In this busy world, everyone is in a hurry to reach their offices or desired destination as soon as possible. Due to heavy traffic, most people waste their time on roads getting stuck in traffic blocks. The solution for this is a small and slim electric scooter. But is it suitable for all body types? Yes! With the progress of technology and science, electric scooters are made by companies for all types of bodies keeping in mind the weight and size of people. Here we are going to discuss the specifications of electric scooter for heavy adults.


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As we look in history, the idea of the electric scooter was firstly bounced in the minds at the end of the 19th century. With time, electric scooter evolution occurred, and their speed and designs were improved.


Turboant X7 is a good electric scooter for heavy adults with a good ride, plenty of torque, and easy to control features. It can easily carry the rider of weight 275 lbs approximately. Thus, if you consider yourself heavyweight, Turboant X7 would be a great choice.

Key features:


The Turboant X7 comes with a sturdy body and is also lightweight; therefore, you can easily carry it around. Also, its mechanism of stem folding is quite sturdy as compared to that of others.


The scooter comes with a 230Wh lithium-ion battery that is also removable. Its battery provides a range of 8.9 miles.


It offers a very good ride quality due to its pneumatic tires; however, you will get some tough time with road vibrations on rough roads.


With Turboant X7, you get simple controls such as power, lights, mode, or P-settings on the LED display. It also features cruise control which is good for long journeys.



  • Bell and light
  • Fast
  • Cruise control
  • Removable battery



  • Expensive spare battery

Why we like it:

Its sleek look, removable battery, quick and stable ride, plenty of torque, easy control, light, bell are the features that make it the best electric scooter for large adults.

2. Nanrobot RS4

If you want to get a powerful off-road heavy-duty electric scooter, Nanrobot RS4 is the best scooter you can get.

Key features:


Nanrobot RS4 features a dual-motor system that provides 3200W and amp up the speed to 45mph. With such intensity, it can climb at the steep of 65 degrees as well. Moreover, its 31.2Ah battery, you get a range of 55 miles.


Such a powerful electric scooter is built with high quality and robust material that allows it to handle difficult terrains. And it also makes it a heavy machine. It can carry up to 397 lbs weight, which makes it a perfect electric scooter for 300 lb man.

Braking system

It comes with hydraulic disc brakes both front and rear which gives you reliable braking. Moreover, it provides a smooth and comfortable ride because of c-type suspensions both in the front and back.



  • Pneumatic tires
  • Good lighting system
  • Great suspension
  • Street and off-road ride



  • Heavy
  • Poor charger quality

Why we like it:

It is a powerful electric scooter 300 lbs man can get for both street and off-road ride. Moreover, it comes with heavy-duty motor and braking systems that allow for a smooth and comfortable ride. Advanced features also include USB phone charging.

3. Dualtron Ultra

Dualtron Ultra is also a heavy-duty electric scooter with good speed and range. Moreover, it is easy to repair and its parts are also easy to get.

Key features:


It features a hub motor at both front and rear wheels that give them a total power of 5400W. featuring a lithium battery of 16s 10p LG at 1920Wh give you 50mph top speed and 80 miles range. You get a smooth ride on bad roads as well due to its double suspension system.


The Dualtron Ultra weighs about 81.2 lbs but you can fold it easily within seconds to fit it inside the car trunk. Splash guards are of great width that prevents it from dirt.



  • Sturdy and durable
  • Good range
  • Parts are easy to get
  • LG lithium cells



  • Heavy

Why we like it:

Not every vehicle is easy to service and parts are easily available. Moreover, it is a heavy-duty off-road electric scooter as well. It is a powerful scooter for 300ln man.

4. Nanrobot RS2

A powerful heavy-duty electric scooter 300lbs man can also get. It offers a great range and you may have to manage an extra seat for long rides.

Key features:


It is also an electric scooter for heavy adults because it features a powerful 1200W motor that provides a total power of 2400W. Moreover, it can carry 330lbs load, so you can take your bags and other stuff if you need it. It can speed up to 45 mph in a single charge.

Braking and Suspension

It comes with 4 front springs and 2 hydraulic rear springs in its suspension system which allows the scooter to adjust according to the type of terrain and your riding style. It features two disc brakes that allow you to stop anytime anywhere.



  • Affordable
  • Heavy duty
  • Good suspension and brakes



  • Heavy
  • Poor charger quality

Why we like it:

Nanrobot RS2 comes with great features and best performance in terms of speed, smooth ride, braking and suspension systems, and range. It is the best electric scooter for heavy adults as well.

5. Razor RX200

It is a child-friendly electric scooter for off-road as well. It is recommended for kids of ages 13 and above and carries a rider of up to 154 pounds.

Key features:


It features a chain-drive motor that offers a top speed of 12 mph with high torque. It’s both front and rear tires are made for all types of terrains. The battery provides 6 miles ride.


The Razor RX200 features handlebars of riser style, a twist-grip throttle, soft rubber grips, heavy-duty alloy wheels, and a retractable kickstand.



  • Strong motor
  • Great customer service
  • Good brake system
  • Large tires



  • Noisy chain-drive
  • Lead-acid battery

Why we like it:

It is a good electric scooter for both kids and adults. It comes with a good braking system and all-terrain tires that allow the rider to have a smooth ride.

How to choose an electric scooter for heavy adults?

Although different brands manufacture different electric scooters, in which electric scooters fro heavy adults are also included, one must look for some factors before buying an electric scooter. These factors are given below:

Weight limit

The first and foremost thing to consider while buying an electric scooter is the weight limit. You must look at whether the scooter can carry your weight. Moreover, some slimmer electric scooters come with a strong body, frame, and specs that can amaze you.

Motor power

Once you have checked that the scooter can carry your weight, the next thing to consider is the power of its motor. You must look for a scooter that features a high power motor to carry you around smoothly. Otherwise, the electric scooter can slow down underweight and on difficult terrain.

Mile range

Mile range is also affected by the weight of the rider because it reduces the battery life span. Therefore, you should keep in mind your weight and maximum load a scooter can carry, motor capacity, and mile range that can serve the purpose you are getting an electric scooter for.

Is there a weight limit on electric scooters?

The weight that an electric scooter can carry depends on its model and frame. For adults average limit of weight that an electric scooter can carry is up to 220 lbs but many heavy-duty scooters can carry the weight up to 500lbs.

For kids, the weight limit is 121 lbs and for teenagers, the electric scooters can carry the weight up to 180 lbs. And as said earlier, different models of the electric scooter can carry different weights.


Electric scooters are becoming popular day by day. If you think you are overweight and you can’t enjoy a ride of an electric scooter, you should rethink because many scooters are manufactured for heavy adults as well. We have listed some of the best electric scooters for heavy adults. Have a look and choose the one that is best for you.


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