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  • Professional Riding Solution Provider

    TurboAnt offers a variety of riding solutions ranging from commuting, daily short-distance transportation, to off-road exploration, all while promoting a greener lifestyle.

  • Customer-First Service Policy

    Your satisfaction matters! Our services are on standby! We offer a 30-day return policy for you to decide whether you want to keep your product, and a 6-to-24-month warranty to ensure your product is always in a good condition.

  • Expert Reviews & Recommendations

    Access a wide database of TurboAnt product descriptions based on industry experts’ opinions. For first-timers, amateurs, professionals, and everyone in between.


Fun and easy commuting

“This scooter is so much fun! I ride it to work and arrive at work much faster and easier than taking a bus. I especially love riding it leaving work when the temperature starts to cool down. It makes commuting fun. Love it!”

I rode it for a weekend family activity

“I installed a rack myself and went to the zoo with my daughter. It was fun, and the rack is wide so my daughter can sit on it comfortably. We stopped whenever we needed to so it was very convenient. I was worried that the battery couldn’t power up the trip to and from the zoo, but looks like there’s nothing to worry about.”

Anthony B
It’s the new trend

“Definitely eye-catching to ride on the beach I have to say! Especially on weekends, people love coming to the beach and renting a bike to ride. It looks awesome, and they seem to have a great time riding it. I can see they are not only just riding but also taking tons of photos. Worth a try, it’s the new trend now.”

Very useful

“The bike is useful. I only twist the throttle on the hills and pedal for the rest. I like working out, so this bike works perfectly for me”

Josh S


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TurboAnt Official Thu, Sep 09, 21

Top Speed Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are undeniably one of the best ways to get by through the hustle and bustle of traffic nowadays. Compared to other electric modes of transportations such as a hoverboard or skateboard, electric scooters don't really need much practice and training to use. Any first-timer would ...

TurboAnt Official Mon, Oct 18, 21

The Best Electric Scooter for Climbing Hills

Electric scooters are becoming a thing these days. But this is for a good reason. They are a great form of transportation, especially in a very hectic community. They are simply quick to pull out, easy to operate, and just an overall no-fuss form of transportation. Compared to typical modes of tr...

Katherine L. Moronta Fri, Oct 08, 21

Best Economical Electric Moped Scooter for Adults 2021

2020 comes with a lot of changes in our personal and professional life. In the COVID 19 post lockdown era, although the offices reopen, people are avoiding public transports. The need for personal transports is growing rapidly to keep the virus away. So if you’re wondering how to keep yourself sa...

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