Up to $400 off this holiday season! Get the deals now!

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Up to $400 off this holiday season! Get the deals now!

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Who We Are
We are TurboAnt! We are as agile as an ant, yet full of turbo-boosted power! At TurboAnt we are constantly striving to improve the ease and quality of your life.
What We Offer
We provide lightweight electric scooters, sleek city bikes, and powerful all-purpose fat-tire bikes built for all terrains, making your daily commute, leisure activities, or exciting outdoor adventures fun, affordable, and eco-friendly.
Why Choose Us
The trendiest styles, the best-in-class performance and quality, the uncompromising service, and affordable prices– that’s why.


The perfect solution for commuters who live in urban areas but have limited access to public transportation. Embrace an easier, more economic life with an electric scooter!

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First-time biker or seasoned rider, anyone can venture out into all terrain types with our bikes, be it modern-day streetscape or off-road exploration!

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Every TurboAnt electric scooter is a perfect solution to the "first and last mile" connectivity for commuters, and every electric bike is an excellent companion for spur-of-the-moment outings for families and friends, as well as a great way to embrace a greener, healthier lifestyle.



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