Electric Scooter Suspension: The Ultimate Guide 2024


An electric scooter with suspension sets it apart from a standard electric scooter in many ways. This feature enhances the scooter's ability to absorb shocks on an uneven road while improving traction, stability, and balance. For the electric scooter suspension, the front and rear wheels are supported by the suspension mechanism, enhancing handling and making the scooter safer to ride.

This article provides great information about electric scooter suspension and the different types of suspension systems. We would also compare the standard and suspension electric scooters.


Part 1. What is Suspension?

Suspension is the system that gives vehicles the right balance between road handling and ride quality. It is the part of an electric scooter that connects it to the ground. Getting it right can be difficult, so engineers spend much time working on vehicle suspension.

In simple terms, the goal of suspension for an electric scooter is to take the impact of the friction between the road surface and the wheel. This ensures a smoother ride, so the rider is comfortable and won't lose control when riding.

The electric scooter suspension is a commendable innovation in the design of scooters. It opens up riders to a new class of scooters that are more reliable and adaptable to different surfaces.


electric scooter suspension


Part 2. Why is Suspension Important in Electric Scooters?

The suspension is an essential component of the scooter as it facilitates two design goals: safety and comfort.

1. Safety

Safety is one of the major factors that are considered when designing an automobile of many parts, such as scooters. Several tests are carried out to ensure that the device can be used safely with minimal risk of injuring the user(rider) in an accident.

Manufacturers ensure minimal reduction of the ride quality of the vehicle even when plying uneven roads. For a scooter to be considered one of the best electric scooters with suspension, it must ensure that the vehicle maintains its stability regardless of the terrain on which it rides. As the scooter bounces along the road in rugged terrain, the suspension ensures that the rider remains well placed on the vehicle maintaining a relative center of gravity.

2. Comfort

Another important role the suspension plays in electric scooters is comfort. The suspension helps the scooter maintain a relatively fixed position as the scooter moves in different ranges of motion.

In partnership with the vehicle's wheels, the suspension provides a balance that is quite different and steadier than what you will find in a bicycle.


Suspension is Important in Electric Scooters


Part 3. What Types of Electric Scooter with Suspensions are There?

There are three different types of electric scooter with suspensions operating with different mechanisms but performing the same function of maintaining the vehicle's stability. These types of electric scooter suspension include:

1. Spring Suspension

First on the list is the spring suspension, which is facilitated through the means of a spring system. The spring allows greater comfort when riding because of the up and down movement along a bumpy road. The spring absorbs the impact of the terrain on the tires, keeping the ride fairly balanced.

2. Hydraulic Suspension

Another type of suspension is hydraulic suspension. It operates using a hydraulic actuator which is filled with liquid under pressure. As the wheel crosses an uneven path, the actuator expands simultaneously with the liquid.

The actuator pushes against the surrounding components, keeping the vehicle close to the ground and avoiding the effect when the wheel lifts in the air and falls. This helps maintain the center of gravity of the rider.

3. Rubber Suspension

The rubber suspension is last on the list, which, as the name implies, is made of rubber material. This suspension type is quite effective as it provides flexibility, support, and softness which is essential to absorbing bounces and shocks.

An added advantage of the rubber suspension is its ability to store a greater energy per unit mass than other types of suspension. The rubber suspension's lightweight nature reduces the scooter's overall weight, making it lighter and faster.


Types of Electric Scooters Suspension


Part 4. What Are the Best Electric Scooters with Suspension?

Electric scooters with suspensions come in various styles and designs. Some electric scooters are more apt for rough terrains or mountain trails, while others are suitable for daily commuting. The best electric scooter with suspension will be one that combines style and functionality for a smooth ride.

A scooter must have a front and rear suspension to be one of the best electric scooters with suspension. The front traction provides traction and enables proper handling, while the rear suspension prevents it from hitting the ground as it moves through uneven surfaces.


Part 5. Electric Scooter with Suspension vs Standard Electric Scooters

An electric scooter with suspension is different from a standard electric scooter due to the presence of the suspension mechanism. This addition comes with its advantages and disadvantages, some of which include:

Electric Scooter with Suspension's Advantages:

  • More stable and safer to ride even on rough terrains: Electric scooters with suspension provide greater stability than standard ones due to the front and rear suspension mechanisms. This comes in handy, especially when riding on rough terrains.
  • Larger air-filled tires than standard ones: Large pneumatic tires and a wide deck are also useful for shock absorption.
  • Quality construction: Suspension electric scooters are typically made of high-quality materials and components, resulting in more excellent durability and improved ride quality.

Electric Scooters with Suspension vs Standard Disadvantages:

  • More expensive than standard models: A major demerit of the electric scooter with suspension is its high price. Since it offers more than the standard electric scooter, it is understandably more expensive.
  • Heavier even though most manufacturers try to make them as lightweight as possible: The addition of suspension increases the scooter's overall weight, making them relatively heavier than standard ones.
  • Electric scooters with suspension are quite difficult to ride the first time: Adapting to a scooter with suspensions can take quite a while. Hence riders switching may want to exercise patience as they become more familiar with the electric scooter with suspension.


Part 6. The Most Recommended Electric Scooter with Suspension

Of all the electric scooters, the most recommended model with suspension is the TurboAnt V8. The design and features of the TurboAnt V8 make it stand out among others. Features like its 9.3-inch pneumatic tires, which stick firmly on the road with the right amount of friction, its dual-spring suspension, which enables balance, and its two 7.5 Ah dual batteries all together make it a mouth-watering prospect.

Another unique feature of the TurboAnt V8 is its large capacity and ability to carry heavy loads. It is sturdy and capable of taking uploads, with its load capacity reaching up to 275 lb.

A key attribute of an electric scooter is having a strong battery capable of lasting long periods without draining easily or reducing its efficiency, even after use over time. In this regard, the TurboAnt V8 doesn't disappoint as it comes with batteries that offer you 50 miles ride on a full charge.

Despite its obvious strength, its battery has a relatively short charging time (up to 4 hours). This means that it recharges fast, saving you time.

The TurboAnt V8 is also useful when moving through steep paths. With a 450 W motor and a 20 mph top speed, it is a fast and powerful scooter. It moves seamlessly through traffic with speed and accuracy.


Electric Scooter with Suspension


Part 7. The Best Way to Adjust the Electric Scooter with Suspension

To adjust the suspension on your electric scooter, you must understand how it works. You must also have the right equipment and skill to do this safely.

If you have a spring or rubber suspension system, then the chances are that there will be a screw at the bottom of each wheel that can be turned to adjust its tightness and dampening.

If you have a hydraulic suspension, it may be a bit more complicated as there might not be any screws or bolts. At this point, the wise choice would be to take the scooter to a mechanic to get it serviced.

Whatever the type of suspension you encounter, make sure that you exercise great caution when adjusting. Don't hesitate to seek help when confused about how to do it.


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Part 8. Suspension Maintenance

The suspension system on an electric scooter does not require much maintenance. If you have a spring or rubber suspension, then you need to make sure that the screws are adjusted correctly and tightened enough so they won't come loose while riding. If your electric scooter has hydraulic suspension, then it will likely have oil inside the suspension tubes that need to be changed now and then. However, this is not a DIY job and will require taking your scooter to a mechanic or electric scooter specialist.

All in all, ensure you keep out dirt and other elements that may clog up the suspension. Keep your scooter clean and ready for service, and reduce the chances of its suspension being damaged.


Wrap Up

Electric scooters with suspension are elite models. Besides, the additional suspension innovation allows for improved traction, balance, and better handling of the scooter. Electric scooters with these features give an awesome riding experience and your money's worth.