The Best Long Range Electric Scooter


Deciding on what to get as your first electric scooter could be very challenging. There are plenty of choices in the market that even makes the decision even more difficult. So, if you’re looking to get your first electric scooter or e-scooter, it’s recommended to go for long range electric scooters. These long-range electric scooters are exactly what they say they are. They are for long range distances, meaning long mileage of operation. On just one short charge, you’ll get the most out of your ride. Here, we’ll discuss TurboAnt’s latest and improved X7 Pro Electric Scooter and why it should be the long-range electric scooter that fits you best.


Part 1. How Many Miles Can An Electric Scooter Go?

Basically, an electric scooter’s range greatly depends on a variety of factors such as the weight of the rider, presence of intensity of wind, the dryness of the terrain that the scooter is on, flatness of the road surface, and many other factors. Apart from these, factors such as the condition of some electrical parts of your scooter may also affect the mile range.

The TurboAnt X7 Pro Electric Scooter goes as much as 30 miles or 48 km on a full charge. This powerful range can last you a while - definitely perfect to zip around the city completing errands all day on a single charge. In addition to its 30-mile range, a backup removable battery is also available to juice your e-scooter up anywhere anytime on the go! By the way, TurboAnt offers an extra water-resistant battery case to improve the portability and safety of the battery.


TurboAnt long range electric scooter
X7 Pro Folding Electric Scooter
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Part 2. How Far Can An Electric Scooter Go on One Charge?

There are lots of factors that affect a particular electric scooter’s battery life. For that matter, one simply can’t accurately predict how long an electric scooter can go on one charge. But in general, most electric scooters can go from 10-80 miles (depending on the battery, weight, and other built-in factors) in just one charge.

Keep in mind that this depends on the type of electric scooter that you get. Of course, you can always check on the type of battery your scooter has to have a more or less estimate of the range in just one charge. Typical charging time is usually around 5-10 hours depending on the battery capacity, the type of charger used, and the voltage input. Make sure not to exceed charging time after you get the full charge to avoid messing up your battery.


Part 3. Can you Extend Your Electric Scooter Range?

Now that you’ve figured out how to estimate an electric scooter’s power life in just one charge, you might be wondering if there is actually a way you can prolong the electric scooter battery life of your ride. Can you actually extend your electric scooter range? Well, this may sound very surprising, but yes! It is quite possible to extend the range of your electric scooter.

Here are some things you can do all on your own, without purchasing any additional tools whatsoever, to guarantee an extended range for your electric scooter ride.


Do not maximize the speed of your electric scooter.

It only makes sense if you use your electric scooter to its full power, meaning you always ride on full or maximum speed, then you will likely to use up the power in a shorter period of time. Plus, going at the max speed will require more energy from the motor, thus the draining of your battery will happen much sooner.


Stay easy on the acceleration.

Refrain from accelerating your scooter often or too hard. If you wish to accelerate your speed, you can do so gradually. Never do it abruptly or all the time as this will certainly eat up the power of your scooter. A steady, smooth speed is the most ideal way to constantly maintain a good range.


Do not overload your scooter.

Here’s one of the most common mistakes most electric scooters users do. Some would even be wondering why they always seem to lose power. Some users tend to carry more weight than usual such as bags, gadgets, and other stuff. You might not be aware but the heavier the electric scooter has to carry (and this doesn’t only include you, the passenger), the more power it has to eat up to operate and run. Always be mindful of the number of things (and their weight) that you carry with you while riding your electric scooter.


Try to stay on flat terrains.

It’s pretty obvious that running on steep or uphill terrain consumes a lot more energy than running on flat terrains. Because the scooter will move against gravity, more strain is put on the battery because of the increased energy requirement. Going on uneven terrains also have the same effect on the range of your electric scooter. Thus, you should avoid going on grasslands, rocky roads, and other similar terrains to conserve energy. You can always opt to go to roads that are specifically intended for public transportation so that you won’t waste your battery’s life.


Turn off your electric scooter when not in use.

It’s something that most electric scooters forget. Always make sure to manually turn off your scooter if you’re not using them. Keeping them on while on standby will still continue to drain your battery. Some components of the scooter remain to consume energy even while the scooter is not moving.


Regularly maintain your electric scooter.

Just like with cars, your electric scooter will need some maintenance from time to time. This means changing the tires, checking on the batteries and other small components you may have been neglecting over the past weeks or months. When your scooter is well-maintained, the electric motor will have a much easier time functioning, thus consuming the minimum energy possible to operate.

Now that you already know some of the things you can personally modify or adjust in order to prolong the range of your electric scooter, here are some things that you can modify on your electric scooter.


Replace your battery.

There’s a reason why your scooter seems to always die on you even if you’re already trying your best to conserve power. It might have reached it charge cycle limit, thus losing the energy capacity it used to have. You can easily avoid this by properly maintaining your battery. However, nothing lasts for a lifetime. A battery that is about one and a half to two years old may signify that you need to get a new one.

You can also opt to replace your old worn-out battery with a high-power battery that is guaranteed to give you a more powerful energy.


Check the brakes.

Believe it or not but even your electric scooter’s brakes condition can certainly determine the range of your scooter. If your brakes are not aligned properly or are placed too tightly, your brakes may be rubbing. This could be detrimental to your overall mile range because brakes that are not in good working condition could put a strain on the electric motor, causing it to work twice as hard.


Always check the tire pressure.

Just like with cars, properly taking care and checking on your tires are essential to a smooth sailing ride. Make sure that the tire is just at the right amount of pressure. Of course, do not overinflate your tires. Check out the recommended tire pressure for your electric scooter model and make sure you’re always staying within that range.

When your pneumatic tires are well-inflated, you won’t have to worry about a flat tire during your ride. This increases the overall range of your scooter as well as your safety.



It’s just exciting to get a hold of your first electric scooter. Before purchasing, one must look into factors such as mileage in order to get the most of your electric scooter. Keep in mind that the listed mileage above is subject to change depending on how fast you are going, what terrain you plan on using them in, and many others. Rest assured that the TurboAnt X7 Pro electric scooter listed above is among the best long range e-scooters you could get in the market at the moment, and with the best price!

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