How to Choose the Stand-Up Electric Scooter 2024 | A Comprehensive Guide


Upright scooter is another name for an electric stand up scooter. They're electric vehicles meant to be driven while standing, usually on both feet. The first standing scooters appeared in the early 2000s. They began as a substitute for traditional push scooters but have subsequently expanded into their product line.


Part 1. Is A Stand Up Electric Scooter Street Legal?

There's a lot of debate over whether scooters are permitted on city streets. Some states allow scooters to be driven on public roadways, but others do not since a standup electric scooter is not considered a mode of travel.

They're classified as toys. Therefore, they can't be allowed on the street. However, you may be permitted to take them out on the pavement in some cases, and other jurisdictions allow them on public highways if they can achieve speeds above 20 mph. The legality of e-scooters varies from state to state, so be sure to verify your own state's rules.


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Part 2. How Much Does A Stand Up Electric Scooter Cost?

The cost of an electric standing scooter varies based on the amenities included. A standing electric scooter costs around $350 on average. The low-cost variant costs roughly $250, which is still a bargain compared to other forms of transportation. If you want a high-end stand-on electric scooter, prices start at $600 and go up from there, with some versions reaching more than $2,000.

Depending on the type of stand-up electric scooter: you can expect to pay around $300 for budget electric scooters, $300 to $1,200 for commuter e-scooters, and $1200+ for off-road e-scooters. However, these prices can cross $2,000 for high-end variants.

When purchasing a standup electric scooter, you must first choose how much money you are prepared to set aside for it, which is generally determined by how frequently you will use it. If you only want to use your electric scooter for short distances, such as shopping or going to the gym, you won't need to spend a lot of money because many inexpensive versions can travel that distance.

If you require an electric stand up scooter for long ranges, such as traveling to work or city driving, you'll need one with a higher battery capacity, good brakes, and a powerful engine. So, you'll have to invest additional money there, but it'll be well worth it.

Also, suppose you want more incredible speed and shock absorbers, which will make your ride more comfortable on challenging terrain. In that case, this is an additional cost that you must budget for while purchasing an electric stand up scooter. So, before you buy a stand on electric scooter, consider how frequently and where you will use it and decide based on those parameters. Here are the topmost variables that influence the prices of stand-up electric scooters.


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A battery is among the key factors that influence the price of a stand-up electric scooter, and it is estimated that the battery accounts for around 30% of the entire cost. The scooter's battery powers it, allowing it to attain high speeds and determining its range—the more powerful the battery, the more expensive the scooter.

Premium electric scooter batteries last longer, charge faster, and are easier to replace. Therefore, while shopping for an electric scooter, consider the battery's capacity, as it is the most crucial component of any scooter and will significantly influence your riding experience.


Motor and Power

The motor is equally significant when it comes to a standing electric scooter. The electric stand on scooter's strong motors allow it to go across rugged terrain and sometimes even uphill. Brushless motors are most typically seen in scooters, and they are extremely quiet when in operation. The average e-motor scooter's output is roughly 250 watts.

The speed at which a stand-up electric scooter can go is also determined by its motor power, a significant consideration for many consumers. We can also state that the motor mainly determines the price of an electric scooter. The motor accounts for around 20-30% of the whole cost.



The material from which an electric scooter is constructed is also one of the more essential aspects determining its pricing. Premium versions are often constructed of high-quality, lighter materials like aluminum.

One benefit is that you'll be able to carry it about with you even when you're not using it. When it comes to inexpensive electric scooters, they're usually constructed of plastic components and have a short lifespan. Therefore, we may conclude that the material of a stand-up electric scooter determines a portion of the price.


Electronics and Software

You'll note that newer versions include the option to link cellphones to the scooter's controls via an app. You may use this to switch on the lights, check the battery condition, see the routes you've taken, and change the pace. The user of an electric scooter standing up can change their needs using the program in this way.

Of course, you will not find such technology on low-cost scooters but rather on high-cost scooters. When it comes to scooter technology, you'll find a lighting system, smart features such as turning on or off the scooter, and stability control, among other things.


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Part 3. The Best Electric Stand Up Scooter for Recommendation

TurboAnt X7 Max might be the best stand up electric scooter for adults when it comes to enjoying a balance between the budget and features. This amazing scooter features a removable battery, and you can easily switch the battery to a new one any time you want.

One of the excellent characteristics of this stand up electric scooter is the detachable battery, which allows you to switch the battery out for a new one while on the road for trips up to 32 miles for pneumatic tire model and 30 miles for honeycomb tire model. Route preparation with this scooter is simple, thanks to the separate battery charge or scooter unit recharging. The battery of this stand-up e-scooter takes roughly six hours to charge to full capacity, which is average for an electric scooter standing up.

Moreover, this scooter is lightweight and foldable, and you can take it anywhere you want on the go. The electric scooter's 350 W motor propels it to a peak speed of 20 mph in seconds.

The X7 Max isn't the lightest scooter on the marketplace, weighing in at 34.2 lb for pneumatic tire model and 35.97 lb for honeycomb tire model, but it's still manageable to transport. Some of that weight make this scooter's remarkable folding technology possible. It may also be folded in seconds and taken wherever you choose.

If you plan on riding this scooter to work, it's a convenience you'll love when getting off the rail or bus and directly into the road. While no one loves riding in the rain, the X7 Max has an IPX4 waterproof rating. Therefore, you can stop worrying about rust or degradation.

It offers a dual-braking system that allows you to quickly avoid obstacles and come to a complete halt without issues. This is impressive, considering it enhances the overall safety and security of the rider. The 10-inch pneumatic tires further help with a smooth ride.


TurboAnt Max electric stand up scooter


  • Comfortable to ride
  • Detachable battery
  • Smooth acceleration
  • Dual braking system
  • No suspension



Final Thought

Stand up electric scooters are quickly gaining popularity as a symbol of contemporary urban transportation. The popularity of stand-up electric scooters appears to be trending in just one direction: forward. If you want the best electric stand up scooter, the TurboAnt e-scooter is right for you.