Electric Scooter Lock: How to Lock an Electric Scooter


Electric scooters are a lot of fun and great for moving around. As the popularity has grown among adult folks, so has the risk of theft.

No one likes their ride stolen, especially when you consider the few hundred or thousand dollars you unwillingly spend. Thus, you need a good lock for electric scooter to prevent this, especially if you live in a city where stealing scooters are on the rise.

Getting a electric scooter lock may be somewhat challenging considering the numerous brands on the market. However, we have tried to bridge that gap by conducting thorough research. Hence, we will be providing you with great information on some of the best locks for electric scooters that are a perfect fit for your scooter.


Part 1. How to Lock an Electric Scooter?

1. Look for a Safe Area to Park Your Scooter

Never park your electric scooter in a lonely place. Always park in a well-lit area with many people, preferably where people will see it and notice you are the rightful owner. Bike racks, signposts, stair-railing, and poles near a building are ideal places to park your e-scooter.


2. Choose a Suitable Electric Scooter Lock

There are tons of locks for electric scooters to choose from, like the u-lock, chain lock, cable lock, cuff locks, and more. However, chain lock and u-lock tend to be the most widely recommended. The problem with chain locks is that they weigh incredibly more than the scooter most times. So, if portability is not a thing for you, go for a chain lock or u-lock.

But before you resort to your choice of lock, check the size of the locking points on the e-scooter and make sure the lock fits them well. These locking points could be stem, handlebars, or the folding mechanism.


3. Lock The Electric Scooter to a Fixture

Look out for immovable objects like bike racks, signposts, stair-railing, poles, or other solid objects that cannot be removed easily.


4. Secure The Electric Scooter Through The Locking Points

To lock up your e-scooter, wrap the chain lock around the handlebar, stem, or the folding mechanism and tie it tightly to an immovable object. If you choose u-lock, place the U section around the locking point and lock.

Before you walk away, ensure that the e-scooter is properly and tightly secured and that the object is not wobbling or hanging there.


5. Cover Your Electric Scooter

Covering your e-scooter protects it from rain, sun, and getting noticed for theft.


Part 2. What Are Types of Electric Scooter Locks?

Many locks for electric scooters do a good job of securing, but the thing is that there are various types of electric scooter locks on the market. This could certainly be a big challenge when purchasing one. This shouldn't be a problem because we will be providing you with information on the best types of locks for electric scooters in this section.


U-Lock for Electric Scooters

Electric scooter U-Lock is one of the best locks for electric scooters. They are made from hardened steel, which makes them strong. Anyone trying to make a split will have to use a powerful bolt cutter, which could make a loud noise that would alert owners. U-locks for electric scooters have been one of the most reliable pads for locking electric scooters due to their ruggedness and durability. TurboAnt U-lock for electric scooter can be a great option if you are seeking a lock for your e-scooter or bike.

U-Locks for electric scooters are slightly heavy and definite in shape, unlike other portability types. But the weight shouldn't be a problem because a backpack can easily solve that.


Electric Scooter U-Lock


Chain Locks for Electric Scooters

An electric scooter chain lock consists of a chain and padlock. It can be wrapped around the wheel to secure the scooter to something solid. The beauty of this lock is in its ability to guard your e-scooter by girding it round and preventing movement.


Electric Scooter Chain Lock


Cable Locks for Electric Scooters

Cable Locks for electric scooters are lighter in weight and reasonably small. You can roll them up and store them on your scooter. Some feature a 5-digit combination with 100,000 possible combinations that keep your electric scooter safe.

Electric scooter cable locks are less secure than the chain lock and U-lock and can generally be cut quickly with hand tools. As such, it is advisable to use this in low-crime neighborhoods. Like the chain lock, they can be key or combination locks.


Electric Scooter Cable Lock


Disc Locks for Electric Scooters

An electric scooter disc lock has a round shape with a shackle which prevents the use of bolt cutters on them. It is a more modernized padlock that helps secures your brake disc or wheels and prevents your scooter from being pushed away.

However, it doesn't prevent someone from lifting it and carrying it away. That is why it is advised to use these locks with the U-Locks or chain locks and not as your primary security lock.

Electric Scooter Disc Lock


Folding Locks for Electric Scooters

This electric scooter lock is portable and can easily fit in your pockets. They're made from a series of connected steel plates that can be shaped to give you many locking options and are much lighter than chain locks. Folding bike locks use rivets to hold the metal plates or arms together while allowing them to move.


Electric Scooter Folding Lock


Ring Locks for Electric Scooters

Ring locks for electric scooters are made of steel and formed like a ring. It is planted in the middle of the steel ring to restrict the rotation of the wheels securing your scooter. They are similar to the disc locks as they make riding the electric scooter impossible by locking the wheels but doesn't prevent taking the scooter away.

Unlike other electric scooter locks where the key is required to lock and unlock, the key is only required when users need to unlock the scooter.


Electric Scooter Ring Lock


Part 3. Which Type of Electric Scooter Lock Should You Use?

When looking for the best electric scooter lock, there are some factors to consider.

When trying to choose the best lock for electric scooter, the first thing to do is work out your risk level. If you live in a high-risk area, you should go for the strongest lock.

Chain locks, ring locks, and U-locks are arguably the strongest lock available today. For instance, the U-lock has double bolted hardened steel locking on both sides of the shackle, so it needs to be cut twice to open it up. Besides, you might also find taking off a chain lock from a scooter.

Above all, these electric scooter locks are perfect for places with a high risk of theft due to their cutting and breaking resistance.


Electric Scooter Lock


Part 4. Tips for Locking an Electric Scooter

  • A lock cannot always keep your electric scooter safe: Locking an electric scooter does not guarantee 100% safety. However, go for locks with a cutting and breaking resistance rating of 10.
  • Storing your portable scooter indoors: It is safe that you bring a foldable and portable electric scooter with you at all times and not park or store it outside. The more portable an e-scooter is, the better. If you are not comfortable leaving your precious scooter behind, go for a foldable and portable e-scooter you can take along conveniently to wherever you go.
  • Buy a scooter with a detachable battery: Remove the battery when you park it. Scooters with detachable batteries are not only convenient for charging but also for storage. Removing the battery of an e-scooter makes it immovable unless carried by hand or vehicle.

There are tons of e-scooters with attributes to erase the fear of theft, but TurboAnt electric scooters are the best budget-friendly brand on the market. TurboAnt X7 Max electric scooter features a detachable battery that you can remove while parking. It also get a battery lock design to avoid battery theft. It is foldable and lightweight, making it portable to store indoors to prevent theft. Besides, It has good IP ratings that make it durable to withstand splashes or raindrops even when you lock the e-scooter outside.


TurboAnt X7 Max electric scooter



Electric Scooters are gaining popularity each passing day, and so is the risk of theft. We believe locking up your electric scooter is the best way to make sure it stays where you left it. The above information has provided great insight into different types of electric scooter locks, how to lock electric scooters, and the best lock for electric scooter to choose. Now that you are armed with this information, you can keep your electric scooter safe and secure.