Is a 25 mph Electric Scooter Right for You?


Part 1. Is 25 mph Fast on an Electric Scooter?

Whether the top speed of the electric scooter is fast or slow depends on the specific usage scenario and the requirements of the rider. The most electric scooters have speed limit for 20 mph, and the shared e-scooters are almost universally regulated to a top speed between 10 and 15 mph. 15 to 20 mph is a satisfactory speed range for most people to quickly get to a destination while having fun.

A 25 mph electric scooter can be considered fast compared to the average speed level on the market. But 25 mph is not too fast compared to other higher-speed electric scooters, it is definitely not slow either. Overall, e-scooters are much faster than walking and require less physical effort than cycling. We recommend choosing electric scooters in different speed classes to suit various riding purposes.


20 mph electric scooter


Certainly, if you're looking for a electric scooter that can meet your daily demands without breaking local speed laws, a 20 mph electric scooter is a conservative choice. It is not too fast and just right. Also, it can keep up with faster traffic while cruising down the bike lane.


Part 2. What Factors Impact Top Speed on an E-Scooter?

Time is an important resource in today's world. It's crucial to move from point A to point B quickly and effectively. Electric scooters are the solution since they are light, compact, portable, quick, and enjoyable to ride. For those who need to travel to and from public transportation quickly, electric scooters are a perfect "last mile" alternative.

Electric scooters have grown in popularity in recent years due to their ease of use and low cost of ownership compared to other means of transportation. Some varieties are foldable, making them simple to store when not in use.

The max speed of a scooter varies depending on the brand and model, but it is often about 20 mph - 25 mph. A 25 mph electric scooter isn't an issue for most individuals because it's still faster than walking and less demanding than riding a bike.

A variety of variables influences the peak speed of an e-scooter. These can include technical features of the scooter, such as motor wattage or battery capacity, and other considerations like the rider's body weight, tire size, and terrain. Here are the topmost factors that influence an electric scooter's top speed:


2.1 The Rider's Weight

The scooter has a tougher time reaching high speeds when the passenger is heavier. The engine and batteries will have to work harder to propel the scooter. The maker usually specifies the weight limit capacity of a scooter.

Since the scooter's engine needs to work harder to attain its peak speed, the electric scooter's battery will drain faster with a heavier rider. Ensure you get a scooter with a weight limit capacity that is much over your own, so you don't have to fret about exceeding its top speed.


2.2 The Terrain Type

If you love spending your time cycling your electric scooter in downtown streets, the topography should have little effect on your speed. However, e-scooters don't perform well on dirt paths since they sink deeper into the ground and pebbles and bumps inevitably slow speed. The scooter's engine will have to work much harder to attain high speeds on these sorts of surfaces.

Steep climbs will slow an e-scooter down as well, particularly if the engine is tiny. Choose an off-road electric scooter equipped to handle diverse terrain if you want to ride it for rough roads. A scooter with a strong battery and motor is necessary for such adventures.


2.3 The Battery Type

When an electric toothbrush starts blinking red, indicating that it needs to be charged, you'll realize it's less strong. With an electric scooter, it's the same. The scooter will turn off automatically to save the battery from being depleted.

Experts recommend recharging your electric scooter overnight if you use it every day. This will ensure that it is completely charged the next day. It's better for the scooter's lifetime if you don't drain your battery down to zero frequently.


2.4 Tires

Whether you drive a 25 mph electric scooter or a more powerful one, tires significantly impact top speed. Taller tires boost a scooter's peak speed but reduce its ability to climb steep slopes.




The wheelbase of a scooter will also improve, making it simpler to navigate potholes, obstacles, curbs, and off-road areas. Shorter tires can help you climb slopes faster, but they will reduce your peak speed. The width of the scooter's tires will also affect its ability to grip the road, as larger tires provide more grip.


2.5 The Weather Conditions

At roughly 23°C, lithium-ion batteries perform best. When the temperature lowers, it's natural to have a shorter riding range than usual. Due to increased energy requirements from the battery, your scooter's performance suffers. You will impair its performance if it is subjected to a headwind.


Part 3. How To Improve the Speed of Electric Scooter?

Things are constantly changing. Electric scooters are now considered a pleasant way for youngsters to spend time and as an alternate mode of transportation. It is environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, safe, transportable, and, most significantly, a source of simple delight.

There are several e-scooter alternatives available on the market. Low-speed or mid-speed scooters, such as a 25 mph electric scooter, are ideal for short travels. On the other hand, high-speed electric scooters, such as the 40 mph electric scooter, are more practical and enjoyable. There are, however, many suggestions for increasing the electric scooter's speed without causing any problems.

  • Upgrade the Motor:The motor's most important component determining speed. Changing to a bigger engine is the most straightforward and effective technique for quicker speed. On the other hand, you must match the battery with the motor at the exact moment.
  • Ride on a full charge:The motor can be supplied with adequate energy if sufficient electricity is available. Recharge the scooter before each trip to achieve as near to the top speed as feasible.
  • Keep the weight down: The higher the effect on speed, the larger the overall weight handled by the scooter. Minimize the scooter's weight by avoiding carrying too many needless goods.
  • Focus on tire pressure: The optimum tire pressure for most e-scooters, especially a 25 mph electric scooter, is between 40-60 PSI. Increase the pressure by 3-5 PSI in the optimum inflation zone to get faster. The pressure in the front scooter wheels should be 2-3 PSI lower than in the rear wheels. Lighter cyclists should reduce tire pressure by 3-5 PSI, whereas bigger riders should gently raise tire pressure by the same proportion.
  • Get rid of speed limiter: This is an optional technique to boost the speed on some scooters with a speed limitation. Your scooter comes with a speed restriction to guarantee that the speed is maintained under control. By eliminating the speed limits in the controller, you can get the scooter to go faster.


Part 4. The 5 Best Electric Scooters in 2024

4.1 TurboAnt X7 Max Electric Scooter

Award: Best Budget E-Scooter

Recommended Reason: TurboAnt X7 Max is the upgraded version of the X7 Pro and it is an excellent top speed electric scooter option for riders looking for an ideal speed, comfort, and convenience blend. This is the greatest budget e-scooter with a top speed of 20 mph. It is equipped with a long-range battery, inflatable tires, and a threefold braking system, all for the low price of $599.98. Look no further if you're searching for a good deal. The Turboant X7 Max is the one for you.

Price: $599.98


TurboAnt X7 Max 20 mph electric scooter



4.2 Apollo Light Scooter

Award: Fastest E-Scooter on the Market

Recommended Reason: The Apollo Light might be the right scooter for you if you're seeking light and compact scooters that can go over 20 mph. It can reach a top speed of 22 mph and accelerates quickly enough to reach 15 mph in only 6.2 seconds. It's ideal for commuters who don't want to compromise on power. You can also enjoy faster recharging times with this scooter.



Apollo Light 25 mph scooter


4.3 INOKIM Light 2 Electric Scooter

Award: Most Portable E-Scooter

Recommended Reason: The INOKIM Light 2 provides quite an indulging ride with moderate acceleration and comfortable riding characteristics. It has a peak speed of 21 miles per hour and is perfect for short to medium trips. It provides top-quality and is a scooter you can trust, just like other INOKIM scooters.

Price: $1,199.00


INOKIM Light 2 25 mph electric scooter


4.4 Segway Ninebot KickScooter MAX

Award: Longest Range E-Scooter

Recommended Reason: A scooter with a large range is necessary if you have a lengthy commute. This is where the Ninebot Max shines (40.4 miles). It's a tough and dependable scooter with cutting-edge characteristics that make it great for travelers. Its peak speed of 18.6 mph is ideal for traversing congested metropolitan streets.

Price: $949.99


Segway Ninebot KickScooter MAX electric scooter with 25 mph


4.5 FluidFreeRide Horizon Electric Scooter

Award: Best 25 mph Electric Scooter

Recommended Reason: This scooter was created with dependability and longevity in mind, and it's ideal for anyone searching for a straightforward commuter that gets the job done. It boasts a peak speed of 25 mph, making it ideal for city commuting, and an acceleration trajectory that is twice as fast as other alternatives, allowing riders to go from 0 to 15 mph in under 4.7 seconds.

Price: $849.00


FluidFreeRide Horizon 25 mph Electric Scooter


Part 5. Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How Fast Can an Electric Scooter Go?

    The top speed varies depending on the scooter's brand and model, but it's usually about 20 mph to 25 mph, and some high-powered electric scooters can provide these riders with over 30 mph, even up to 70 mph. But the high-speed scooters will cause safety risks or disobey the local laws about the speed limit. For most riders, they can go with a 20 mph or 25 mph electric scooter in most countries.

  • 2. Is 15 mph Fast for an Electric Scooter?

    Most shared electric scooters have a top speed of roughly 15 mph. Many riders are prefer to ride quicker than this speed on the road. So 15 mph is not too fast and is ideal for any modern electric scooter.

  • 3. Can an Electric Scooter Go 70 mph?

    Yes. There are electric scooters that can go faster than 70 mph. For instance, the Dualtron X 2 e-scooter can easily hit the 70 mph mark and even go faster if the rider weighs less.

  • 4. How Much is an Electric Scooter for Adults?

    The average price of an electric scooter is roughly $300. However, some of the higher-end scooters for adult users cost well over $600.

  • 5. How to Lock Electric Scooter?

    The most cost-effective way to secure your electric scooter is to use bicycle cable locks. They're stretchy enough to wrap around various scooter parts and may be attached to anything that fits within the cable. They may be stored in a bag or just on the scooter. If you are learning more about locks, please reading >>Electric Scooter Lock.



Riding an electric scooter is one of the most exciting ways to go about it. It also lessens our dependency on gas-guzzling automobiles while being environmentally beneficial. A 25 mph electric scooter is an ideal option for commuters looking to cut down on their carbon emissions without giving up the convenience or speed of their vehicle.