Best Electric Scooter for Commuting 2021

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The daily commute to the city can prove to be a harrowing experience given the congestion and the numerous roadblocks that seem to be on a never-ending spree. There is nothing worse than reaching the office drained of energy. And, to think that you have to drive your way through the inching traffic in the evening does not make the situation seem any better. While there is no immediate respite to the traffic situation in our bustling cities, there is an easier way to commute that has taken the consumers by surprise. Given their comfort and flexibility, electric scooters are the best possible solutions to make your daily commute within the city a breeze.


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Electric scooters have also gained popularity as they are the most practical solution that is available for the problem of last-mile connection. The train only drops you to the train station and the bus drops you at the bus stop. You are still required to walk from these stops to your destination. This is the gap that an electric scooter can easily fill. As lightweight companions, you can easily fold and carry them on you, on the bus or the train. Just unfold them when you get off and your ride is ready.

Most branded electric scooters are sturdy and sleek and can be easily clubbed with public transportation for last-mile connectivity. So, if you are leaning towards investing in one, then read on to find out more about these terrific commuting automobiles. We have also included our decision for the best electric scooter for commuting in 2021.

The Need for an Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are, by far, the best way to make sure that you reach your destination on time. They are also excellent modes of transportation that solve the problem of last-mile connectivity for travelers who use public transportation. And, they do all of this at an extremely attractive price tag as well. However, price is just one of its attractive features. Other considerations like safety, range, battery life, foldability, weight, etc. too need to be taken into account before you decide on the model you want to buy. Having analyzed a selection of popular electric scooters we have come up with the following key features that you must look for in an electric scooter.

1. Safety

Your safety is in your hand, so always make sure that you wear a helmet, knee and elbow pads, and appropriate clothing before riding an electric scooter. However, it is equally important to make sure that the scooter comes equipped with the required safety features as well. For instance, make sure that it has a strong headlight and rear reflectors to allow you a safe ride, especially during the night. Other features like an electric braking system and a wider foot plate can also contribute immensely towards a safer ride.

2. Budget

With numerous price ranges available in the market it can become fairly confusing to decide at what price you should look at buying your first scooter. Be aware of how much you want to spend on your purchase. This can be determined by calculating how much you would use the scooter. Electric scooters vary in cost depending upon the power they give out and what all features they come equipped with. You can do comprehensive online research and compare the prices of various scooters before determining your budget. However, keep in mind that the cheapest option need not be the best option. The following other factors go a long way in determining the overall benefit of a particular electric scooter.

3. Weight

The electric scooter’s unique selling point is its lightweight attribute. You can’t possibly carry a motorcycle, but you can fold an electric scooter and carry it on you. Therefore, make sure that the models of electric scooters that you are considering are sturdy and lightweight at the same time. Heavier models are usually more difficult to maneuver and take longer to stop after braking. Larger scooters are sturdier, but they can be cumbersome to carry around. As scooters are primarily designed for last-mile connectivity or travel over short distances, it is likely to be attached to you even if you are not riding it. This makes lightweight electric scooters score a point above their heavyweight counterparts as it is easy to carry around something that weighs less. In the light of these arguments, it is important to find out your personal weight range preference to help you decide on the best electric scooter for your usage.

4. Comfort

While electric scooters don’t exude comfort, they are designed to make sure that you are not stuck in uncomfortable traffic jams and congestion. However, it is always a good idea to make sure that your scooter comes with the right suspensions and air inflated tires for a more comfortable ride. Additionally, most good scooters like the TurboAnt X7 Pro has a cruise control mode, which allows you to release your thumb by maintaining a constant speed. Lastly, there is nothing more comforting than knowing that you don’t have to walk the last mile to home after getting off at the train station at the end of a tiresome day.

Apart from these important points, features like looks, design, etc. can also be considered. Again, these are very specific to unique preferences and can differ from one user to another. Overall, make sure that the scooter you decide to invest in is sturdy, lightweight and caters to your specific requirements.

Are Electric Scooters Legal in Your Country?

There are no universal laws that govern how you ride your electric scooter. In other words, the laws and regulations are specific to your country. It can even vary between cities of the same country. Since electric scooters are a fairly recent phenomenon in the mainstream motorist market, many countries are yet to define the rules and regulations for these vehicles.

Check more references about electric scooter legality from Wikipedia.

The latest breed of electric scooters like TurboAnt X7 Pro comes with US and Europe versions that are compliant with the broad regulations and requirements of that country. Mainly they are differentiated by the maximum allowed speed. The EU version is restricted to a maximum speed of 25 km/h, whereas, its American counterpart can go up to a maximum speed of 20 mph. Such flexible features have made it the best electric scooter of 2021.

The Best Electric Scooter for Commuting – TurboAnt X7 Pro

Considering the recent popularity of electric scooters, many brands have flooded the market with numerous products. Selecting between these products can prove to be an overwhelming activity, especially if you are a first time buyer or user. According to our analysis, the TurboAnt X7 Pro, which was released this year, stands head and shoulders above the others. This is mainly due to its user-friendliness, convenience, and safety features. Some of the key features are:


  • Detachable battery, 36 V, 10 Ah
  • Motor: 36 V, 350 W
  • Max Speed: 32 km/h (USA), 25 km/h (EU)
  • Range: 20-30 miles (30-48 km)
  • 10-inch tube pneumatic tires
  • 15% hill grade
  • IPX4 water-resistant
  • 275Lbs weight load
  • 6h fast charging

These top features make TurboAnt X7 Pro the best electric scooter of 2021 and one that is sure to appeal to every type of rider.


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Forget being stuck in perpetual jams in the city or walking down from a bustling railway station. The appeal of electric scooters goes beyond style, speed, and thrill. These scooters are here to give you the required independence and freedom so that you can breeze through the rush hour and get to your destination on time and without any fuss. Reliable and affordable scooters like TurboAnt X7 Pro allow riders to enjoy all the comforts of a motorcycle without the associated high cost of purchase and maintenance. Electric scooters are, by far, the most practical alternatives to commuting on busy city roads. Additionally, they are environmentally harmless and don’t contribute to any pollution on the already congested roads.