Electric Scooter Battery Not Charging? How to Fix?


The battery in your e-scooter won't charge. Sad! Almost all users of electric scooters will run across problems with their equipment. E-scooters often last a long time and need minimal maintenance. The major problem for consumers is the e-scooter battery. Every user's greatest fear is a battery that abruptly fails to charge and function correctly. Here are some suggestions for you if your battery won't charge.


Troubleshoot for Electric Scooter Battery Not Charging Issue

Regardless of your electric scooter's brand, manufacture, style, and size, the battery is essential to your equipment. Your electric motor won't receive the power it needs to drive the e-scooter if the battery isn't charged or functioning correctly. The following are a few useful things to consider while troubleshooting your battery.


Charging Issue

Defective Charger

  • When did you last charge the battery? It is malfunctioning if you haven't charged it in more than six months.
  • Use a professional multimeter to test the voltage output of the charger. The voltage must be a few volts higher than the charger's recommended voltage. Charger malfunctions if the output voltage is zero or below.
  • E-scooter components may malfunction from overuse and overcharging and finally burn or melt. Examine the battery for smells and melting problems. Always test for anything out of the ordinary, such as frayed or loose wires, damaged or loose wire connections, the smell of burned rubber or plastic, etc.


Defective Charger Port

Another critical variable here is the charging port. The charging port might be the culprit if you see any broken wires or worn-out ports. So, check the cable and connectors to the charger port.


charging issues


Battery Issue

You can also try and check the battery's condition. So, check for battery leaks or any visible damage. Another thing one might try is checking for water damage.

If your scooter ever comes into contact with water, here are some things you can try:

  • Turn off the power immediately.
  • Keep your e-scooter away from water.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to address any water on the scooter.
  • Let the e-scooter battery dry in a cool and ventilated place. Please take out the battery and dry it with a cloth. Let it out in the open until the moisture evaporates.
  • After, install it on the scooter to see if it can work fine.


battery on e-scooter


How to Charge an Electric Scooter?

Here are the topmost tips to charge your electric scooter:

  • Verify that the charger for your e-scooter is the original one. Your battery won't charge for various reasons, including using the incorrect charger. Therefore, the correct charger must have the appropriate voltage for your scooter.
  • Ensure the charger is placed correctly into the electric scooter's charging port.
  • Connect the charger to a power outlet. The warning light should be red when the scooter is in charging mode.
  • Consult the instruction manual for information on how long the electric scooter battery will take to charge. So, charge for 6 hours if the manual says 6 hours. Don't overcharge the battery. Overcharging the scooter can sometimes harm your battery health and cause an electric meltdown.
  • Charging is finished when the light changes to green. Remove the charger's plug and port from the outlet. You may start using your electric scooter now.


charge an e-scooter


How to Maximize Your E-scooter Battery Life?

Do you want to maximize your e-scooter's battery life? Here are the top tips for you.

  • Make sure you use the original charger. Original chargers can offer the right fit for your charging port and also offer the right voltage that doesn't fry your battery. So, go for an original charger. Also, we sell separate chargers if you currently own a TurboAnt e-scooter. These are the best for your TurboAnt adult electric scooters and can help maximize the battery life.
  • Charge battery at least once a month. Therefore, even if you don't use your scooter anymore, make sure to charge it once a month.
  • Ensure the scooter is kept away from excessive temperatures and in a dry, pest-free location. When not in use, store the scooter and charger in a cool, well-ventilated place. This will ensure that the electric wiring remains unharmed.
  • Never charge your electric scooter in a warm place. As we know, charging already places a lot of pressure on the electric wiring. So, try to charge your battery in a cool and well-ventilated place.
  • Try not to deplete the battery completely. This means you should try charging your scooter even when it is not in use. This way, the battery can maintain its functionality when stored. Never let the e-scooter battery go for more than 30 days without being charged, even if it is in storage. The battery should always be charged above 10% capacity, ideally at least 70%.
  • Never overcharge. Overcharging can cause serious harm to your battery and reduce its life. So, if the manual says to charge for 6 hours, only charge the battery for 6 hours. Different TurboAnt electric scooters come with different charging times. So, make sure that you consult and read the e-scooter manual before charging your scooter.
  • Do not charge your battery right after a ride. Let it cool down, give it some breathing space, and charge it when the internal components have cooled down.
  • Never replace your e-scooter battery without a professional by your side. You might end up using the wrong battery and connecting the wrong wires.
  • Never splash water into the battery pack. If you accidentally get water into your battery pack, disconnect, and remove the battery immediately and try to dry it in a cool place.



Electric scooters often need less maintenance. However, they still need certain component replacements or maintenance. An electric scooter battery is a crucial component, if neglected, may experience problems.

So, we have listed the top tips for troubleshooting your battery and keeping it running for a long time without issues. You can try the expert tips above and maximize your battery health and keep it away from any harm.