Best Lightweight Electric Scooter for Adults 2020

Tue, Aug 24, 21

Whether you want to enjoy cool breeze running in your area or the place you want to go is too near to get a car and too far to walk, then the electric scooter is the best option available for you. The reasons are plenty. They are the economical, eco-friendly, and most relaxed way to commute. However, we know how difficult it is to find the lightweight electric scooter covering all your requirements. Hence, today we are presenting two best electric scooters. And at the end of this article, you can easily decide which scooter is the best for you. So, let us start our review without much delay.

Best Lightweight Commuter Electric Scooter

The lightweight feature is necessary to handle the scooter with ease. Indeed, we provide the best scooter for adults , but you can't rule out the possibility of your kids using your scooter often. Hence, the lightweight feature is essential. So, Turboant X7 pro offers both safety and lightweight quality together.

TURBOANT X7 Pro Electric Scooter

In the electric scooter world, every model looks similar, but here Turboant X7 Pro Electric Scooter is trying to give a better and unique look to stand out from the crowd. If anyone who is in pursuit of the best lightweight electric scooter for sure would have heard about this scooter. A unique design is made possible with the thick folding tubular it comes along with a rectangle piece projected out from the back.

Key features-

Sturdy Build

It is not the smallest scooter, but we can say this is the lightest electric scooter you can find in the market. It weighs approximately 15kg. The large pneumatic tires come with a 10-inch tube. The robust build allows you to carry about 125kg weight. Thus, all these features make it an ideal sturdy electric scooter to commute with ease.

Speed and efficiency

If your scooter doesn't transport you from one place to another in an efficient way, the sturdiness and looks are considered as a mere display piece. But the Turboant X7 pro is efficient enough to do the transporting job without any hassle. The 350W motor is enough to provide the ride for 32 to 48 km after a full charge. You can get a maximum speed of 32km.

This model is more potent than it looks. The rear brake with a mechanical disc is more than enough to control any electric scooters' speed. Additionally, the rear stomp brake and front regenerative brakes provide many breaking options.

Speed isn't the only thing to consider while pursuing the best lightweight electric scooter, but the braking system should also be one of the vital things. Turboant X7 pro has a reliable and smooth braking system. The battery is also a great thing to watch out. It comes with a whopping 360 w power, and as the brand says, you can charge it completely in just six hours. However, it will take a few more minutes. But that is not a problem at all because it will not take more than 7 hours to charge.

Easily accessible battery

You can find the battery on the stem rather than on the deck. As a result, the battery can be easily removable from the stem, which sets this scooter apart from the rest. In all the competitor's scooters, you cannot access the battery from the outside. But in this, you can easily find and remove the battery from the outside. It makes it easier for the users to take the battery out and charge by taking it inside the house rather than taking the whole scooter inside. It is a cool feature to have.



  • 10-Inch Tubed Pneumatic Tires
  • The battery pack 10 Ah
  • Max speed 20 mph
  • Fast charging in 6 hours
  • Triple braking system
  • Brighter LED with 3 W capacity
  • Maximum load of 125 kg

Things we like


  • Easy to charge the battery
  • Energy efficient with 25 to 30-mile rage
  • Solid build quality
  • Unique look and design

Best Lightweight Foldable Electric Scooter

Of course, the Turboant X7 Pro has the foldable option, but if you are entirely looking for a foldable electric scooter, there is no better choice than Unagi Model One.

Unagi Model One

We use the scooter to travel from place A to place B, but how will it be if you can easily pack your vehicle and travel? Well, for that, you need the lightest electric scooter, and it must have the feature of folding. Hence, we have handpicked the best lightweight electric scooter for adults from the heap of brands and electric scooters available in the current market.

Key Features-


Without a doubt, it is the best lightweight foldable electric scooter available in the market right now. The foldability and lightweight make any scooter the best lightweight electric scooter. So Unagi Model one has both the features in it. It is made possible because of the modest weight of 12kg and easy foldability. If you unfold it, the stem quality is also stable.

Best cockpit

The availability of a well-designed interface is still rare even in this era, where the electric scooter is available in plenty. The handlebars, cockpit, control levers, and power button are the standout features. The controls of thumb-activated features, brakes, and accelerators are intuitive. The display is super bright, ergonomic throttle, and rubberized handle grips are the highlights of this model.

Bright LED lights

The usage of LED lights helps to consume less power by providing the brightest lights. It comes with two forward-facing lights that use 1.8 watts and generate 47 lumens light with white color. During the night, these lights offer a decent level of illumination and make your journey easier. However, the LED lights' position is not that great, and we can say this is the loophole in the design.

Unique tires

This lightweight electric scooter comes with unique tires. They are airless and ventilated, and they are in place to serve several purposes. These tires are weightless and hence significantly contribute to reducing the overall weight of the scooter. It protects against the flats and comes with the shock absorption facility.

Large deck

The space of the deck also matters a lot if your body size is more. Thanks to Unagi, it provides a bit larger deck when compared with other competitors. However, the deck's length is more considerable, but when it comes to the width, it is a little less, and you need to make peace with this. Indeed, if you have a fat body, it may cause some problems for the comfort level.



  • Scooter overall weight - 12kg
  • Total bearable weight - 125kg
  • Dimension when folded - 37.8 x 16.5 x 15 inches
  • Dimensions when unfolded - 43.3 x 37.8 x 16.5 inches
  • Max range 25km
  • Electronic braking system
  • Fully folding

The things we like in Unagi Model One


  • The folding option provides more portability
  • Choice of two models
  • Incredibly sleek design
  • Smart battery management

What Is the Best Lightweight Electric Scooter?

So, to make your life easier while choosing the electric scooter, we have minimized the options to the top two. But not everyone is crazy enough to buy two scooters. So, to make your job easier, we are providing the ultimate winner here. So, that is none other than Turboant X7 Pro Electric Scooter. So, let me give the facts which make the Turboant X7 Pro scooter - the winner.

The Unagi Model one comes with a sleek design, and it is made with aluminium. Wherein the Turboant X7 Pro is also made with the aluminium alloy but comparing the two Turboant X7 Pro gets the full make since it is made with top quality materials. Both Unagi Model One and Turboant X7 pro can handle a total 125kg weight. The only difference is Turboant comes with three kg more than Unagi, and this additional weight is where you can see the sturdiness of the Turboant scooter.

The main difference between these two scooters is the battery. When it comes to charging the battery, no other scooter provides comfort as Turboant X7 pro offers. You can easily detach the battery and charge it with ease. Another advantage is you can charge the battery entirely within 6 hours.

The reason Unagi gets the second spot is that the LED lighting position is not perfect. Due to this, the road ahead you won't be visible clearly. In the Turboant scooter, you will get the additional safety features. For example, the throttle won't start unless you push your scooter a bit. So, it ensures you won't end up starting your scooter by accident.


The selection of a lightweight electric scooter is not that easy considering the options we have. But as promised in the beginning, now you know which scooter to choose. And I am sure if you purchase our recommended scooter, you will reap all the benefits and enjoy the ride for many years.

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