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M10 Pro Commuting Electric Scooter

A major upgrade from M10 Lite, with an extended 30-mile range and 20 mph top speed.

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    TurboAnt provides green and fun solutions for daily commuting, short-distance transportation, and off-road adventures.

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I think it’s indeed a turbo scooter!
"I was introduced to this brand thanks to my absolute favorite YouTube channels. I just knew I wanted to get myself one. I absolutely love it. It was easy to set up. Charged quickly. I would totally recommend this brand to anyone. Now I just need to get me some accessories."

-Mike R.

It’s the new trend
“Definitely eye-catching to ride on the park I have to say! Especially on weekends. It looks awesome, and they seem to have a great time riding it. I can see they are not only just riding but also taking tons of photos. Worth a try, it’s the new trend now.”

- Jenny

Fun and easy commuting
“This scooter is so much fun! I ride it to work and arrive at work much faster and easier than taking a bus. I especially love riding it leaving work when the temperature starts to cool down. It makes commuting fun. Love it!”

- Mark779

Best affordable scooter ob the market
"This thing is amazing, completely changed the way I live. For getting somewhere close by quickly, it's faster than driving, waiting for red lights, and finding parking. GAME CHANGER! I'd highly recommend!"

- Nic

Alright! Let’s ride and enjoy!

“Here it is the best electric scooter! Solid, safe, very high autonomy and, what about the wheels ... They work great! Great work!”
“A perfect way for work people to live a healthier life. Going to work is much fun and easier now. Also userful for everyday life!"
“Stay sporty, stay young! It is THE best way, period. Work hard and play harder!! Anyone cares to join me riding the awesome scooter?”