Refurbished Electric Scooters Warranty



Electric Scooters Warranty

Every TurboAnt refurbished product completes the same testing process and meets the same functional standards as new TurboAnt products. Please note that refurbished products may occasionally have minor appearance defects such as small scratches and be packed in a non-branded outer box.

Refurbished products are non-returnable. They are backed by a 30-day limited warranty for part & component and repair & replacement. The warranty is only applicable to INITIAL PURCHASES made by the ORIGINAL OWNER from the online shop. The warranty period begins upon receipt of the product. Please keep your original invoice to validate your purchase to access warranty services. See the following table for details.


Warranty Time



1 Month

Frames are covered by a replacement warranty for 1 month (consumable parts, brake, battery, etc. are excluded).


1 Month

Ordinary wear and tear-related malfunction are excluded.


1 Month



1 Month


Structural Parts

1 Month

Includes the front fork, the folding system, the pedals, and rims.

Headlight & Rear Light

1 Month


The warranty does not cover:

  1. Normal wear and tear of any covered component or consumable parts, including but not limited to the tires, the kickstands, the saddles, the handlebars, the brake pads, the cable harnesses, the housing, the brake levers, the chains, and the mudguards.
  2. Scratches on the product caused by loose accessories during shipping;
  3. Protective coatings that develop wear and tear over time, unless failure has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship;
  4. Cosmetic damage on used products, including but not limited to scratches, dents, broken plastic on ports, and tire deformation due to expansion and contraction from temperature changes;
  5. Any damage or defect resulting from, but not limited to the user's misuse, neglect, abuse, alterations, modification, improper assembly and/or damage to the product due to failure to follow instructions correctly provided by the user manuals;
  6. Any damage or defect caused in an accident or by use with a third-party component or product that does not meet the TurboAnt product specifications (please refer to the technical specifications section on the purchase page of each TurboAnt product);
  7. Any damage or defect caused by heavy exposure to water, improper storage, fire, liquid contact, earthquakes, or other external causes;
  8. Invoice inconsistency;
  9. If TurboAnt receives information from relevant public authorities that the product has been stolen and you cannot prove in any way that you are the authorized user of the product (e.g. receipt, invoice, or payment information for the product);
  10. Batteries are not under warranty when there is damage resulting from power surges, use of an improper charger, improper maintenance or other such misuses, normal wear or water damage, and normal battery deterioration, including the gradual decrease of battery capacity over the warranty period.
Limitation of Liability

In no event shall TurboAnt be liable for any consequential, incidental, special, or punitive damages or losses, whether direct or indirect, in connection with the purchase, use, or operation of the product. TurboAnt is not liable for property damage, personal injury, or death caused by misuse of the item.

Please take care and abide by local traffic laws when riding.

*TurboAnt reserves all rights of final decisions.