TurboAnt Photo Contest

Capture the memory, and win that e-scooter gift!

Every picture tells a story. This summer, TurboAnt invites you to record your riding story with photos and turn your riding moments into memories. Here with TurboAnt, it's moments, memories, and magic!

What Winner Wins

1. The 1st place winner gets a free M10 Lite Electric Scooter (1 winner).
2. The 2nd place winners take home an Easier Riding Package (5 winners).
3. All participants get 200 TurboAnt riding points in exchange for discounts on future orders.

Contest Schedule

1. July 1 - August 20:

Photo submission.

2. August 23 - August 31:

TurboAnt Facebook Group voting for top 6 photos.

3. September 1:

Announcement of 1st and 2nd place winners on Facebook.

How to Enter

Option 1: Join the TurboAnt Facebook Group and post your photo in the Group.

Option 2:
Forward your photo to support@turboant.com with the email subject being TurboAnt Photo Contest.

The TurboAnt team will hand-pick 20 greatest photos and organize a round of voting in the Facebook Group on August 23.

TurboAnt Photo Contest Rules

Original photos only
Photos submitted should be original photos owned by the contestant and should not be used for other commercial purposes.
Is there a limit to the number of photos and submissions?
No, there is not. You can submit multiple photos via posts or email. More entries increase your chances of winning. However, please note that each participant will only get a maximum of 200 points, regardless of the number of entries.
Other rules and conditions
1. This contest is only available for US and CA customers and all participants should be 18 years old and above.
2. The contest is only valid when there are no less than 50 participants. Otherwise, the voting session will be canceled and so are the prizes.
3. By submitting their photos, participants agree to authorize TurboAnt to use the photos submitted on TurboAnt's official website and other social media platforms.
4. TurboAnt reserves the right to change the Rules, suspend or terminate the Contest at any time without prior notice.
5. By submitting photos, participants agree to all the rules above.