1. How Do I Register for an Account?
We recommend that you use your email address as your username, as this makes it much easier to remember. Please make sure that your password is at least 6 characters in length.
2. I Cannot Log in to My Account.
Check your login details carefully. Make sure the email address is the same one you used for registration, and that the password you entered is correct. Please make sure that your web browser accepts cookies. It might be an issue caused by Turboant system maintenance; please wait 15 minutes and try again. If you are still not able to access your account, please contact us via our customer support email at support@turboant.com.
3. I Forgot My Password.
If you forgot your password, just click the "Forgot your password?" link on the “Log in” page, and we will send an automated email to you with information on how to reset your password.
4. What Is the Difference Between the Billing Address and the Shipping Address?
The billing address should be the same address you provided to your bank when you applied for your credit/debit card; the shipping address is the address you want us to ship the order to.
1. How Do I Place My Order?
Ordering online from Turboant.com is easy! When viewing an item, simply select the model, color and quantity desired and then click “Buy It Now”. Once you have your desired items in your cart, simply click the “Proceed to Checkout” button. You will then be prompted to either log in to your account or to create a new account. Next, you will be directed to complete the shipping address and shipping method. Then, enter any discounts, coupon codes, or points that you want to use to lower the price. Finally, select a payment method to complete your order. A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address containing the contents of your order!
2. Can I Order via Smartphone or Tablet?
Yes! Our website is compatible with computers, phones, tablets, and everything in between.
3. How Long Can Items Be Stored in My Shopping Cart?
The shopping cart your account is linked to will retain its contents for up to 30 days. This applies to all customers.
4. An Item Added to My Shopping Cart was Sold Out.
The item is only reserved after your purchase has been completed. If an item is extremely popular and/or in limited stock, it might be sold out once you reach checkout. An item added to your shopping cart is saved for a total of 30 days. However, stock availability cannot always be guaranteed. You are therefore encouraged to submit payment and complete your order as soon as possible.
5. Can I Cancel or Change the Order I Just Placed?
It is possible to cancel or change your order only if the item has not been dispatched. Please contact us via our customer support email at support@turboant.com. We process orders very quickly, so changes and cancellations cannot always be fulfilled.
Order Status
Turboant Main Order Statuses
All your orders are listed in your Turboant account here.
Once we receive your payment, your order will go through several steps before being “shipped out”.
Please refer to the different order statuses and their meanings below:
Waiting for Payment:
This order is unpaid. Please feel free to pay for your order now. Once we receive your payment, we will process your order.
You have attempted to pay us via PayPal e-check. At this time, we haven’t received your payment yet, so please check your PayPal account or bank account balance and confirm that you have sufficient funds. If the payment has been completed successfully, please send us the transaction ID or payment proof to speed up the process.
You have just paid for your order. Our server will upload your order shortly, and we will start to process your order. Thank you for your patience.
Turboant will typically process orders within 3-5 business days after payment. Your processing order will go through the following phases:
(1) Receiving and allocating items to your order;
(2) Inspecting the quality of your items;
(3) Packing and printing shipping labels.
Once these 3 phases have been completed, we will dispatch your order!
Your order has left our warehouse and has been collected by the courier for the shipment. We cannot edit your order any more.
Shipped Out:
Your complete order has been sent out and is now on its way to you. Please follow up the delivery in your account and track the item online.
Turboant Additional Order Statuses
Partial Order Dispatched:
A part of your order has left our warehouse and has been collected by the courier. The other item(s) are still being prepared for shipment. At this point, you can still contact us to edit information for the item(s) that have not been dispatched yet. We will send these as soon as possible.
Partial Order Shipped Out:
A part of your order has been sent out and is on its way to you. The other items are still being prepared for shipment.
For the shipped items, please check the delivery information in your account and track the parcel online. We will ship the rest of items out as soon as possible.
Your unpaid order has been canceled. Please feel free to replace an order anytime.
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