Extended Warranty

Each TurboAnt product comes with a half-year manufacturer's warranty against mechanical defects (limitations and terms here). Within 7 days of your purchase, you can apply a half-year extended warranty for the TurboAnt product’s battery.

This Warranty does NOT cover:

- Failure due to misuse, abuse, modification, accident, collision, or improper installation;

- Battery under manufacturer's recall for a related problem;

- Normal wear and tear;

- Used batteries.

How to Apply an Extended Warranty?

We will record the extended half-year warranty of product's battery for TurboAnt VIP customers who have made purchase from TurboAnt official website and Amazon official store and apply the extended warranty through email.

1. Enter into the TurboAnt’s official website.

2. Register a Tuboant VIP member account.

3. Send us your extended warranty request within 7 days of purchase through your VIP member email which should contain your order number.

Tip: Only the original owner of the product purchased from TurboAnt’s official site or Amazon official store can apply an extended warranty.

The company reserves all rights for final decisions regarding warranties.


Your Amazon order number can be found on your purchase order/history, email, or invoice. For example:

Amazon: xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx (17 digits)

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