Best-Selling X7 Max


X7 Max Folding Electric Scooter

Detachable battery design for fast battery change and convenient recharge.

$429.98 $599.98

X7 Max Bundle

Buy two and enjoy twice as much fun! The more the merrier!

$849.96 $1,199.96

X7 Max + Extra Battery

Get a backup battery for a longer riding time and more joy.

$619.96 $819.96

Dual-Battery Long-Range V8


V8 Dual-Battery Electric Scooter

Unrivaled range of up to 50 miles thanks to dual-battery configuration and energy-efficient 450 W motor.

$569.98 $799.98
9.3'' Pneumatic Tires
$599.98 $829.98
9.5'' Honeycomb Tires

Easy-to-Use Compact M10 Lite


M10 Lite E-Scooter

Entry-level e-scooter with great value and reliable performance.

$299.98 $399.98

Enjoy up to 30% off riding-essentials to enhance your ride!


1. How many discounted V8 tires can I get if I order a pneumatic-tire V8?
You will get 50% off on one inner tire, one outer tire, or a pair of honeycomb tires. It cannot be applied to more than one tire product, and if you order multiple V8 tires of different types, the discount will be applied to the product with the highest price. The tire product needs to be on the same order as your pneumatic-tire V8 e-scooter purchase, and the discount applies automatically at checkout.
2. Can I get a discounted V8 tire if I have to order tires separately?
V8 tire discounts are only valid on the same order with a pneumatic-tire V8 e-scooter. We cannot apply discounts to V8 tires ordered separately.
3. How soon will my order ship?
Orders will ship in 1-2 business days. Delivery usually takes 3-5 business days.
4. What are the warranties and policies of orders?
Orders placed using gift cards are covered by our standard warranty that protects your purchase for up to 12 months, and the 30-day return and refund policy allows you to buy with peace of mind. However, the warranty does not apply to prizes of free e-scooters, nor can they be returned or replaced. Please go to HELP CENTER for further details, or contact if you have any questions.