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XIAOMI M365 Electric Scooter Review 2020


An entrant with some prestigious awards to boot such as the Red Dot "Best of the Best", and the “iF Design Award 2017”, XIAOMI M365 heated the competition in the portable electric scooter segment in 2017 at its introduction. Claimed to be the best electric scooter in the world in the USD 500 range, the XIAOMI M365 review results do not differ a lot from this connotation for its cosmopolitan appearance, utility, and price which makes it to be an appealing personal transport for a wide section of the customers.

The simple yet elegant design of the XIAOMI m365 has inspired the competition and various spinoffs as well, which are egging to shave off that exclusive market share commanded by the XIAOMI scooter M365. Having some able contenders in its space makes the XIAOMI M365 review all that more plausible.

Part 1. Overview of XIAOMI M365 Electric Scooter

The XIAOMI M365 is an electric-powered personal transport provided by XIAOMI. Its target is the consumer segment that needs an easy on the pocket, portable, low maintenance, and comfortable option to ride around their vicinity. The XIAOMI M365 Electric Scooter fits this bill very well with rechargeable batteries and a frame that can be folded for storage or easy carrying to a space of one’s choice. The adequately wide rubber covered frame, air-filled tires, easy controls, and app-based telemetry provides for happy riding experience. Besides, it offers clean fuel mobility in the form of electricity which could be charged through the existing vanilla electrical fitments at home. It’s a decent range and the charge-on-the-go feature further reduces the strain on the electricity bills.

Part 2. XIAOMI M365 Review: Key Features

1. Long Range: In the practical runs while the XIAOMI M365 review, on a fully charged battery, the vehicle covers a range of *24Km against the company claimed 30 Km (* based on prevailing test conditions)

2. Top Speeds: The XIAOMI MI M365 is a fast buddy with the top speeds touching up to *25Km per hour (under the prevailing test conditions)

3. Easy Controls: The XIAOMI MI m365 electric scooter boasts of some intuitive mode of operations that could be easily grasped by even not so gadget-savvy individuals. These includes-

a. One Power Button for all functional controls-


  • Single press to switch on.
  • Long press to switch off.
  • While the motor is on: Short press to switch the headlights on/off; Double press between power-saving modes.

b. App-based Telemetry to use a mobile app for knowing the remaining charge of the battery or the current speed.

4. Safety Features: While performing the XIAOMI m365 reviews, some prominent safety features were noticed such as-


  • Double Braking: It provides for an anti-lock braking mechanism for the front wheel through the regenerative eAbs and disc brakes through the rear wheels.
  • Anti-Slip Handles: Makes rides safer and comfortable taking care of the hand-sweating and enhanced grips.
  • Craved Frame Top: Great frame top to provide for an effective footrest.
  • Bright Headlights: The vehicle provides for an especially useful set of bright led headlights for safe driving in the dark.
  • Red Taillights: A must, warn the tailing vehicles and pedestrians.

5. Portability: While the XIAOMI m365 review, it becomes evident that this scooter epitomizes the dream of having a personal transport vehicle which is closer to a gadget that can be carried along because of the features viz-


  • Optimum weight: Being made of Aerospace-grade aluminum frame, the scooter weighs as light as 12.5 Kg. It could easily be carried being only a bit heavier than a bag pack.
  • Folds well: The XIAOMI scooter m365 can be folded in two simple steps, it rings a bell (literally). A bell was provided on the handlebar latches on the rear wheel.
  • Easy to carry: The folded scooter provides a great grip for it to be carried effortlessly.
  • Efficient Storage: The XIAOMI m365 electric scooter could be stored both vertically and horizontally to make efficient use of the storage.

Part 3. XIAOMI M365 Review: Pros and Cons

The following points came up during the XIAOMI m365 review :



  • Great design.
  • Long-range and Speed.
  • Portability.
  • Comfortable Drive.
  • Intuitive Handling.
  • Value for money.



  • No display for statistics like speed, only some led glow indicators made available to show the power states.
  • The tires are comfortable but extremely hard to change once you get a flat one.
  • The levers provided to fold the frame could act rickety causing the handlebar to wobble uncomfortably.

Part 4.Best Alternative to XIAOMI M365: TURBOANT X7

Having written the XIAOMI m365 review, another electric scooter in the same category that could be presented as a competitor to XIAOMI M365 would be the TURBOANT X7. The TURBO X7 is one of the new entrants in the industry which can give XIAOMI MI M365 a run for its money for its comparable and in some departments superior features:


  • Price: There are no clear winners in this department, the price of both the XIAOMI MI 365 and TURBOANT X7 is the same.
  • Flat-resistant Tires: The TURBOANT X7 comes with the tubeless pneumatic tires which does away the efforts of replacing a flat tire which is a shortcoming in the case of XIAOMI MI m365 electric scooter.
  • Solid Folding Mechanism: The XIAOMI MI m365 electric scooter could sometimes provide a wobbly riding experience because of its rickety leavers in the folding mechanism, the TURBOANT X7 is much stronger in this department with a solid folding and stem mechanism.
  • Range: The XIAOMI MI m365 electric scooter performs better in this area with a range of 24Km as compared to 14.3 Km provided by the TURBOANT X7.
  • Weight Bearing Capacity: Having the comparable Same speed and body weight, an ace up the TURBOANT X7 is its weight-bearing capacity, whereas it can carry a weight of about 124.7 Kg, the XIAOMI MI m365 electric scooter could only bear a mere 100Kg.


According to this Xiaomi MI M365 review, this electric scooter surpasses its competitors in most of the categories and stands out as a leader because of its price, range, speed, and great design.

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