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Electric scooters are undeniably one of the best ways to get by through the hustle and bustle of the traffic nowadays. Compared to other electric modes of transportations such as a hoverboard or skateboard, electric scooters don't really need much practice and training to use. Any first timer would find it relatively easy to operate electric scooters at the first time. You might be having questions about electric scooters such as how fast they can go, etc. Here are some things you should know about electric scooters; how fast they can go and how you can possibly make them run faster.

How Fast Can the Electric Scooter Go?

The Turboant X7 electric scooter is one of the most popular electric scooters in the market today. They have become popular for their impressive features such as great speed, being lightweight and compact.

This scooter is definitely an excellent ride and you get more bang for your buck as opposed to other competitors. The Turboant X7 electric scooter (both the USA and EU versions) currently have 3 speed settings which are as follows: 7.5 mph, 17.5 mph, 20 mph (for the American version); and 10 km/h, 15 km/h and 25 km/h.(for the EU version)

These are more than enough for your day to day tasks and errands. It's very reliable, quick and smooth. If you feel like wanting more mile range for your electric scooter, you can always add another battery so you will get the extra battery life that you need.

Turboant X7's recharging time is about 4 to 6 hours. Its tires are 8.5" tubeless pneumatic, with a maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs or 100 kg.

What Parts of an Electric Scooter

You might be wondering why you even have to know about the parts of an electric scooter. Well, it's important that you know because by knowing the anatomy of your vehicle, you will increase your knowledge on how to address some issues that you might encounter, such as lack of speed or power.

  • Batteries
    It's obvious that the batteries of your electric scooter are the source of power. Later on, you'll discover their role in making your scooter run faster.
  • Brakes
    Everybody knows what brakes are. They are built in to your scooter in order for the rider to slow down or stop the scooter at any time. They are the most important safety feature of electric scooters.
  • Throttle
    Throttles are device that control the fuel or energy to an engine. They are triggers used to increase the speed of your electric scooter.
  • Drive belts
    Drive belts are also essential in propelling your electric scooters. They connect the motor to the wheel cog.
  • Chargers
    The chargers of your electric scooter connects the motor to the sprockets. They are essential in propelling your electric scooter.
  • Controllers
    Controllers are the mother of the electric scooter. They integrate all the electric scooter parts into a one system.
  • Sprockets
    Sprockets or sprocket wheels are the parts of the scooter that allows transmission of rotatory motion between two gears.
  • Wheels
    Of course, everybody knows what wheels are. They house the tires of the electric scooter. They also play an important role when it comes to speed.
  • Lights
    All types of vehicles have some sort of LED lights attached to them, usually they are brake-activated. This is essential for safety purposes as this enhances your visibility in the road especially at night.

These are some of the basic parts of an electric scooter. Hopefully, you have a gist of the anatomy of a scooter so you'll understand the following tips more.

Can You Make Your Scooter Go Faster?

You might be wondering if there is a way you can actually make your electric scooter faster? You may be thinking this because you have already tried maxing out the speed of your scooter yet you feel like you still want more.

You can always amp up the speed of your scooter by making some changes with the battery and motor. By making modifications to your engine, you can easily increase the acceleration. Also, using some easy tips such as not carrying a ton of weight when you're driving will also help significantly increase the speed of your electric scooter.

In the next few paragraphs, we will talk about some of the proven effective ways to increase the speed of electric scooters.

Is It Possible to Remove a Speed Limiter?

There's a reason why the speed limiter is built into your electric scooter. This is to prevent you from going on a speed that is beyond the capacity of your scooter. So if we're talking about safety and security, it may not be in your best interest to remove them because they were put there for a reason.

It is very possible to remove the speed limiter of your electric motor. You should just be aware of the pros and cons of doing so.

Just like with any type of vehicle like cars, vans, buses, the speed limiter is there to show you how fast you are going and for you to be controlled by the rules within your area.

How to Make Electric Scooter Faster

There are obviously a lot of upsides to having an extremely fast scooter. The reason why you bought an electric scooter in the first place is probably because you want to go to places in the shortest time and easiest way possible. However, some electric scooters might not go as fast as you would like them to go. That's okay. You can always make modifications to your scooter to achieve the speed that you desire.

Now, here are some effective ways you can employ to gain some more miles in your electric scooter.

1. Remove the electric scooter's speed limiter.

We've previously discussed if it's possible to remove a scooter's speed limiter. It's obviously not the best decision when it comes to safety but removing the speed limiter will surely increase the maximum speed. However, you should always remember that going beyond the limit will mean that the motor of your electric scooter will require more energy, thus it will take a toll on your battery life.

So if you plan on doing this, it is advised to always go out with a full charge and also bring your electric scooter's charger with you at all times to avoid losing power prematurely.

2. Install an additional powerful battery.

It may seem so obvious but adding another battery will simply solve the problem. With an additional battery to power your electric scooter, you can consistently go on high speeds without losing much battery life.

What's better than having two batteries? Three batteries! If you feel like having two batteries as an energy source is not enough, no one is stopping you from installing another one. The only catch is that you might need to get an additional port because most electric scooter units don't support having a third battery.

3. Boost the power of your battery.

Speed is all about the power. So if your battery only supplies limited power the the electric scooter's motor, it is not surprising that your scooter is not driving fast enough. You can remedy this by adding more voltage to your battery. Simply replace your old electric scooter battery with a battery that houses more power or voltage.

4. Rewind your electric scooter's motor.

If you have no prior experience when it comes to manipulating your electric scooter's motor, it may not be wise to do this step. You may consult with a professional to make adjustments and modifications with your motor if you wish to do so.

However, if you do know what you're doing, here is how you can do it. What you can do is to rewind the coils of the motor and gradually decrease the windings. This will result in having more revolutions which equates to a lesser torque.

5. Replace the sprockets of your electric scooter.

Sprockets are cogs that mesh with a chain that's one of the essential components of your electric scooter. Replacing the sprockets in your electric scooter will guarantee an added extra miles for your ride. Do this by putting longer sprockets at the front and putting shorter ones at the back. Doing this will surely add more speed to your electric scooter.

Electric scooters are definitely a fun mode of transportation to ride around while doing errands and other daily activities. For some people, its speed may not be enough so others are opting to take matters into their own hands to increase the speed of their electric scooters. Keep in mind that there are advantages and disadvantages to doing so. Remember the safety issues when it comes to tampering with your electric scooter's motor. If you do not wish to do any modifications with the engine of an electric scooter, then it might be best to just get yourself a really fast electric scooter in the first place


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