The Comprehensive Guide to Electric Scooter Laws


As we all know, without a proper vehicle, it wouldn’t be possible to reach any destination quickly and efficiently. On the off chance that you have an electric scooter or you are considering getting a good one, it is vital to know and abide by the laws relating to electric scooters. The rules and guidelines/regulations of electric scooters vary by location, but in all instances, it is mandatory to follow the rules, standards, and guidelines while using electric scooters. There are different electric scooter laws in the world, and all scooter laws in every nation are not the same.

In most nations, the scooter is viewed much like a normal bicycle, so you can utilize them just as you would a normal bicycle. However, in other nations, it is viewed as a vehicle and in that capacity, needs to satisfy similar prerequisites as a roadworthy vehicle. Since a scooter isn't strictly a vehicle, it is difficult to classify.  It can't be classed a bicycle, and it isn't a vehicle either. Ordinarily, laws pertaining to electric scooters focus on vehicle speed. These laws additionally cover which type of motor that the vehicles can use, speed limit, and in which zones the vehicles are allowed to travel at their maximum velocity. So, it is mandatory to follow street legal electric scooter laws in all countries.

Because of the technicalities and escape clauses, there does not exist a scooter that is road-legal in every nation. While the principles and guidelines of possessing and working an electric-scooter differ from nation to nation, legality issues ought to be investigated before you choose to purchase or utilize an electric-scooter lawfully. This article mainly talks about the electric scooter for Adults Street laws and rules, and what the legalities of electric scooters are in the US, Canada, UK, etc.



While in many nations, there is no discussion regarding a license being necessary to ride an electric scooter, some countries do require a license.


Usage of a Helmet

In many nations, laws state that electric-bike riders must and should wear a proper helmet for safety purposes. In some nations, it is not necessary at all because they don't consider the electric scooter a vehicle.


Restricted and Accessible Areas

Since the electric bike is not strictly considered to be a vehicle or a typical bike, it may very well be permitted in numerous nations on open streets, given that there is an arrangement of a cycleway. But, in some nations, the electric bike, since it's not a vehicle, can only be used on bike paths.

Now, let's see the different electric scooters for adult street legal laws in different countries.


The US

The US is considered to be one of the best countries regarding good laws relating to vehicles and road safety rules. The United States federal laws are also applied to electric scooters. 

The US2002 Federal Laws specify that an electric bicycle will come under the class of street-legal if it has a maximum velocity of less than 20 mph and an engine power below 750 W. If yours falls inside this reach, it won't need enlistment or a license in the many US states.

Electric bikes in the United States are permitted on streets that have bike paths since they don't surpass the maximum speed of 25 mph. Unless you are passing or turning left, you must always show your right hand as a signal for the people who are traveling on the road. Various states in the US have different determinations with regards to e-bicycles or PLEV’s.

The Florida moped laws are the least strict when compared to other states. Here, riders must be at least 16 years of age, and mopeds should have a license plate. California electric scooter laws are currently allowing the PLEVs on cycle paths, asphalts, and streets as long as the rider is both wearing a helmet and above the age of 16. However, New York restricted the use of electric scooter in 2004 and riding a PLEV in the city will lead to a fine of $500.



In Canada, usage of an electric scooter/bike is allowed in most instances. Because they are considered a power-operated vehicle, e-bikes, e-bicycles, and the laws overseeing their use and possession are fundamentally the same as those of ordinary bikes. For the most part they do not require any license plates or any kind of protection to ride them in Canada.

According to Canadian government law, bicycles or motorized bikes are allowed with little changes, but district municipalities have the power to make minor stipulations regarding where riders can utilize them. The people who own motorized scooters should follow the street legal motorized scooter laws in Canada.


The UK

In the United Kingdom, riding a proper electric bicycle/bike is considered legal if it meets the specific prerequisites and the rider is 14 years or older. When it comes to Pedal Cycles, the riders do not need to have a license to ride. You additionally don't have to enlist or guarantee the EAPC, nor are you required to pay taxes on your scooter.

While most electric scooters are legitimate in the United Kingdom, electric bikes are not as fortunate. Here, electric bikes are considered PLEV's. While they are not subjected to a tax assessment or enrollment necessities, they are not allowed on public lands and are confined to use on private lands only.

As they are considered mechanized and most don't have pedals, it is forbidden to utilize electric scooters on asphalts and cycle paths. Moreover, it is also forbidden to ride them out and about in public. Nonetheless, having said that, on the off chance that you do ride an electric bike mindfully and show good to the pedestrians and other street users, you are probably not going to be stopped by traffic police.


The EU

The laws regarding electric scooters and bicycles fall under Regulation 168/2013 in the European Union. In France, for instance, PLEV's are permitted and can travel up to 15.5 mph. while in Austria and Switzerland this standard is stretched to include street usage too. But in Germany, PLEV's are not permitted to drive over  6 km/hr. If you are an adult, then you should follow the electric scooter for adults’ street-legal rules and regulations to avoid any compensations and fines.

There are many different innovative models for small kids under 15 years of age. And, it is a rule that they should wear proper head protection in most EU countries. The electric scooter street legal laws should be followed without fail if you want to use them in European countries.


Australia and New Zealand

The laws regarding electric scooters usage in Australia and New Zealand are somewhat different. Here, children aged between 12 to 16 years can ride under parental supervision and it is a requirement for them to wear a helmet. A license is not required to ride an electric scooter. The maximum velocity that is allowed is 25 mph and they are allowed to ride on paths, but not on public roads. Here, unaccompanied riders are not allowed to ride electric bikes publicly unless they are at least 16 years of age. It is mandatory to follow the electric street legal scooter laws to use the electric bike/scooter in Australia and New Zealand, else you will be penalized.



In Singapore, electric scooter riders must register the electric scooter with their local transportation committee, and you must be over 16 years old. The maximum speed that the rider can attain is 15.5 mph.

A registration mark sticker on your scooter is necessary. And if any rider crosses the maximum speed or fails to retain their electric scooter, they are fined up to $2000 and can be imprisoned for up to three months. The electric scooter riders need a UL 2272 Standard certification to use them in the country. All electric moped street legal laws are to be followed.



If you are anticipating obtaining an electric bike, you should acquaint yourself with the laws and guidelines pertaining to electric scooters in your neighborhood. Make sure to also check the greatest permitted wattage and maximum velocity in your state or nation as well.

The best spot to start will be your nearby engine vehicles division or similar. We likewise suggest that you read the manual so you understand how to work and maintain your vehicle. For additional information, try to read up on the state’s safety rules. Keep in mind that laws and guidelines for electric bikes are continually developing, and as more individuals embrace this method of metropolitan transportation, you can likewise anticipate that nations and purviews will sanction more explicit enactment. Make sure to keep an eye on new laws or amended rules and regulations relating to electric scooters because it is mandatory to follow the electric scooter for adults’ street-legal rules and regulations.

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