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Segway ES1 Electric Scooter Review 2020


The market is filled with several scooters, all from different manufacturers and different functional capabilities. Among the best scooters is the Segway ES1 electric scooter, a popular kick scooter that comes with many helpful features and a great design to make it good. This Segway ES1 review is going to look into the key features of this scooter in great detail as well as mention its pros and cons.


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Introduction of Segway ES1 Electric Scooter

The Segway ES1 scooter is an amazing product that comes with several features that help to give it more functionality. Other than its great design, the Segway ES1 ninebot kickscooter is fitted with a powerful motor that gives it great acceleration and speed. To add to these, the rider can upgrade the motor power by adding an extra battery. This further boosts its acceleration and speed. When it comes to speed, the scooter has settings that allow the rider to have more control on the ride. The speeding mode settings can be used to limit speed, attain a maximum standard speed, or engage the sports mode that allows for maximum speed to be attained with higher acceleration.

This amazing scooter has added features to make it not just a safe ride but a more comfortable one. The Segway ES1 review below is going to look at these features in great detail as well as other features and the scooter’s good and bad aspects.

Key Features of Segway ES1 Electric Scooter

Power and Speed

The Segway ES1 scooter has two speed levels, low and upgraded. The maximum speed for low is 20km/ hour. The second speed is attained by upgrading the batteries by adding an extra one. This allows s peed of up to 25km/ hour. While this is an improvement, it is still not good enough.

The Segway ninebot ES1 has three settings for speed that are displayed on its LED console. The first speed allows the rider to limit their speed while the second allows for a standard speed to be set to enable the attainment of maximum speed. The third is the sports mode that also allows for maximum speed to be attained but with quick acceleration.


The scooter is fitted with a 250 Watt motor that gives it great range. It allows the scooter to reach a distance of 25 kilometers when the batteries are fully charged. This is a good distance compared to similar scooters with the same weight, which is low. It also allows for a distance of 48 kilometers to be attained. This is possible through the adding of an extra battery.

Battery and Charging

The 36V lithium-ion batteries in this scooter have 5.2ah, which is powerful enough and have been certified by UL2272. They give the Segway ES1 scooter great power thanks to their 187Wh capacity. This capacity is doubled to 384Wh with an upgrade that involves adding an extra battery.

The scooter’s LED display indicates the battery status. It also features energy regeneration that serves to take energy back to the batteries when brakes are applied. This energy regeneration feature is controlled through smartphone App that allows for the turning on and off as well as modifying the energy regeneration. Additionally, the batteries take 3.5 hours to be fully charged.


With a measurement of 8 inches for the front wheel and 7.5 inches for the rear wheel, the scooter’s wheel size are reasonable enough to guarantee a smooth and comfortable ride. They play a vital role in absorbing shock due to the rubber material used in their manufacture. As such, the scooter is able to run smoothly on slightly bumpy and rocky roads. However, the same cannot be said for roads with several rocks and a soft surface.

Pros of Segway ES1 Electric Scooter

  • The Segway es1 scooter is ideal to carry riders up to a total weight of 100kg. However, it can carry heavier riders with less impact on its speed and acceleration.
  • It has speed setting allowing for 3 speeding modes.
  • The possibility to add an extra battery makes it ideal for long trips, a rare feature in other similar scooters.
  • Its batteries feature energy regeneration that takes back energy to the batteries when brakes are applied.
  • It has safety features to protect the batteries from any damages when charging.
  • Its front wheel has suspensions that absorb shock and improve ride quality.
  • Battery status is availed through a smartphone App that uses Bluetooth technology.

Cons of Segway ES1 Electric Scooter

  • The scooter is not ideal for roads with many bumps and rocks.
  • The energy regeneration feature could destroy the batteries when turned on if the batteries have full charge.

Best Segway ES1 Alternative: TURBOANT X7 Pro

The many features found in the TURBOANT X7 Pro serves to make it a popular and effective electric scooter. Unlike its earlier version, TURBOANT X7, this latest version from the TURBOANT brand has incorporated some of the poor features found in the older model. Its great design is coupled by the powerful motor it is fitted with that goes a long way in improving its acceleration and speed. Additionally, its batteries can be removed making them easy to charge.

Key Features of TURBOANT X7 Pro


Being an improved version of the early X7 scooter, the TURBOANT X7 Pro is designed in a unique way that makes it easily distinguishable from other similar electric scooters. This features a hollow stem, a key feature in this model, which not only gives it unique functionality but makes it easy to store due to its ability to be folded and locked. The stem has a rectangular-shaped piece coming out of it. Additionally, its battery is placed above its deck, which makes it easy to find and can be removed easily for the purpose of charging.


This unique scooter comes with a powerful motor that has a capacity of 350 Watts. The strong motor serves to give the machine great performance capabilities in terms of acceleration and speed. This is to the effect of enabling it attain a maximum acceleration speed of up to 30km/ hour. Besides, the scooter features advanced braking system and make it a safe and comfortable ride.

Batteries and Charging

Unlike several other electric scooters, the TURBOANT X7 Pro features batteries that can be removed easily. The batteries are also located above its deck, which serves to make it easy to find. The ability to remove the batteries allows for easy charging, and at the same time, another battery can be installed while charging the other. Besides, the batteries take only 6 hours to be fully charged.


  • It has a great design and solid structure.
  • Its batteries can be accessed easily and removed for charging.
  • It can attain high acceleration and speed of up to 30km/ hour.


  • It is a heavy scooter compared to others.
  • It is relatively high priced.

Why is it the Best Segway ES1 Alternative?

There are several reasons that make TURBOANT X7 Pro the best alternative to Segway ES1 electric scooter. The first and most obvious reason is the fact that both scooters have a number of similar features that make them popular in the market. This ranges from the effective and reliable braking system that guarantee safety, the thoughtful design of their display consoles and many more similarities.

However, the TURBOANT X7 Pro has a few features that are actually better that those found in Segway ES1 Ninebot scooter. This includes a more powerful motor that is 350 Watts compared to the Segway ES1. This enables the scooter to achieve a higher acceleration than that of Segway, which are 32km/ hour and 20km/ hour respectively.

Despite the X7 Pro not having the energy regenerating feature, its batteries are strong and can be used for long hours or trips before they can be recharged or replaced.


An aspiring electric scooter owner may have difficulties in choosing the ideal scooter for their needs. However, the situation is not the same after reading this review. The Segway ES1 review has looked at several features found in the scooter that make it great. This covers several aspects that include their functionality, speed and range capabilities, comfort and safety features, design, and many more. The review has also provided its pros and cons that have been collected from various users of this scooter. There’s no doubt that its features are way above the price attached to the scooter. If the Segway ninebot ES1 is not ideal or available for you, the review has provided the best alternative as well as given its key features, pros, cons, and the reasons why it is the best alternative.

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