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Razor E300 Electric Scooter Review 2020


The Razor E300 is the iconic and best-selling product by the Razor brand. Known for their affordable and lightweight scooters, in this Razor E300 review, we analyze the scooter. Targeted towards teenagers and adults that are beginners to scooting, this is a basic scooter for casual riding around the neighbourhood.

Part 1. Overview of Razor E300 Electric Scooter

The Razor E300 electric scooter appeals to an audience that is looking for basic features combined with costs. It is an upgrade to the earlier Razor models like the Razor E100 which had a manual push start as well as the E200. Assembling the bike is easy and does not take more than 10 minutes.

The scooter has decent maximum speed and wide tires. It has a chunky design but not an impressive travel radius. The E300 Razor scooter comes in brighter shades like blues and reds which click with a younger audience, like teenagers and pre-teens. In terms of safety, it has a good braking system. However, there could have been other features like lighting integrated on the front which is present in most scooters. In this feature of the Razor E300 review, we analyze all the features of this scooter. This will help you in your hunt to buy a new scooter.

If a reliable, light and basic scooter are what you have in mind then you can consider the Razor E300 electric scooter. As a household brand name, Razor products are widely popular.

Part 2. Razor E300 Review: Key Features

Anybody looking to buy a new scooter has a lot of questions. For this Razor E300 review, we decode our analysis of the Razor E300 Scooter the following parameters:


  • Design
  • Speed and Range
  • Battery and Power
  • Portability
  • Safety Features
  • Miscellaneous Features
  • Cost

1. Design

At first glance, the Razor E300 electric scooter’s bright color variants might seem intended for teenagers. It is all a matter of preference. The scooter comes in shades of blue and red. It has a bulky frame because of a super deck and wide tires.

The scooter has tubular steel construction which makes it very heavy. This can be a problem for kids who might struggle with pushing it around when the battery is exhausted. The super-sized deck and frame is a plus point as it ensures enough space for foot room. The non-skid material ensures the rider’s safety. The Razor E300 also has a taller frame which makes reaching the handlebars convenient for average height people.

One of the striking features is the 10-inch wires which ensure a smooth riding experience. These extra-wide tires ensure that the scooter can traverse different terrains and covers more distance in a shorter time. It can also bear more weight. The tires are pneumatic or air-filled so monitoring air levels is necessary. An advantage of these type of tires is that they absorb shock better and withstand any bumps or potholes. This ensures comfort and better control.

2. Speed and Range

The Razor Scooter E300 has a maximum speed of 15 mph or 24km/h. It is certainly a fast scooter and so, it is advisable to wear a helmet. One thing missing is a speedometer to measure the speed. Another plus point is that despite cruising at 15 mph, the motor does not make any noise. If driving over sloped terrains, the speed is affected and falls by 5-7 mph. For accelerating, it has a twist grip control which manually twists the throttle.

In terms of range, the Razor E300 has a very short travel radius of up to 40 minutes of continuous use. This roughly translates to 9-10 miles, which lies in the mid-range of scooter mileage. The Razor Scooter, therefore, is good for leisurely travel and not recommended for commuting.

3. Battery and Power

The Razor Electric Scooter E300, unlike other lithium battery scooters, has dual 12V lead-acid batteries, which also contributes to the heavy scooter weight. Due to the sealed lead-acid batteries, there is a difference in the maximum miles (the maximum distance travelled at any speed) and effective miles (distance travelled at maximum speed on flat terrain). This does not happen with lithium-ion battery scooters. However, unlike lithium-based scooters which are more prone to overcharging and exploding, this scooter is safer to use.

The 24-volt rechargeable battery takes up to 12 hours to charge. The long charging duration and low range is another drawback. The motor is seated at the rear of the scooter deck.

4. Portability

The E300 Razor scooter is heavy and weighs 42lbs. It is difficult to carry around and cannot be folded. However, the handlebars can be dismantled for storage. The scooter has a kickstand but cannot be locked up by a bicycle lock or any alternative. It is designed to support weight up to 220 lbs.

5. Safety Features

Razor E300 has a single hand-operated disk brake. This is on the left side of the handlebars and easy to access to stop the scooter. When activated, motor power is cut and the scooter comes to a safe halt. Tests on both hill braking and flat surface braking have revealed that Razor E300 has good safety with the braking system.

One thing missing was the lighting to ride at night. In this case, one has to buy one separately to mount one.

6. Miscellaneous

In this, we cover the assembly and customer service. Assembling the scooter is easy and won't take more than a couple of minutes. It is simple and has an allen wrench with the product, which is the only tool you need to assemble it.

Razor E300 has a 90-day warranty which does not include wear and tear or damage due to improper use. Retailers have their own extended warranty offers for which the brand is not responsible but makes mention on its website. Customer reviews and ratings for this Razor product aren’t too good.

7. Cost

This is a budget-friendly and basic scooter priced at $ 279.99.

Part 3. Razor E300 Review: Pros and Cons

Now that we have included the features in our Razor E300 review, we cover pros and cons.



  • Super-sized deck ensures safety.
  • A very simple to use and easy scooter. Good for beginners.
  • A good solid design ensures durability.
  • Riding is smooth and has no noise.
  • Budget-friendly and safe to use.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It has a 90 days warranty.



  • Long charging duration.
  • Bulky size because of the steel frame.
  • Heating issue when climbing slopes and also per user’s weight.
  • Absence of basic feature like front-mounted lighting.

Part 4. Best Alternative to Razor E300: TURBOANT X7

Of course, an electric scooter is more than just casual riding. You could get much better features and durability by paying a few extra dollars. Apart from commuting daily, you can carry it around and don’t have to worry about charging it again and again. You also don’t need to stay in the dark about battery consumed as you have all the information on a LED panel.

Sounds like you need an upgrade and a convenient one at that. For this, TurboAnt X7 Electric Scooter is the best electric scooter designed for safety, commute and convenience.

Key features:


  • Priced at only $399, TurboAnt is a compact and lightweight scooter. It weighs only 29.7lbs (13.5 kgs) and has a charging duration of 4-6 hours.
  • TurboAnt is foldable and measures 41.6 × 16.5 × 17.7 in (1056 × 420 × 450 mm).
  • It has a lithium-ion battery pack that is removable. It is powered by a durable and high torque 350 W motor which gives a top speed of 20mph and a range of 16 miles.
  • The scooter can take loads of up to 275 lbs and can easily cruise across 15° slopes.
  • It is water-resistant and rated IP54. It can be splashed with water.
  • TurboAnt has 8.5’ front and rear tires built for safer riding across all terrains and sports a wide frame for foot space.
  • It has a LED panel with in-built headlights for night time riding. The panel displays battery level, current speed and settings even during daylight.
  • For smoother rides, there are 3 riding modes to choose from. It also has a cruise mode.

Turboant is the best alternative for an all-rounder and sturdy scooter. With inbuilt LED lights and bell, you can be assured of safer riding and all within the convenience of budget to have a better performing, fast, lightweight and high torque scooter.


So in our Razor E300 review, the final verdict for this scooter is an average scooter for the beginner. The Razor brand is a prominent name and this bike is built for those who just want to cruise around in the neighborhood but want something reliable. But if an all-rounder and reliable scooter for commuting is what you are looking for, then we recommend TurboAnt X7 Electric Scooter.

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