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How to Choose the Right Electric Bicycle Wheel?

Tue, Mar 16, 21

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The wheels of your electric bike are part of the most important factors in your experience with e-bikes. Your choice of electric bike wheel will give you different experiences. Some experiences will be bad, and others will be good, which is why you need to be very considerate with your choice. The electric bicycle wheel will affect your speed, your change of direction, and even road bumps. Choosing the best wheels for an electric bike can be difficult. Fortunately, we have written an article to make it easier for you. To know which e-bike wheel is best for you, keep reading.

Electric bicycle wheel

Different Electric Bicycle Wheel

The type of e-bike wheels you choose will depend on what you will do with your biking style and terrain. Here, we have created a list to help you choose which electric bike wheel will suit your needs best.

  • Road tire

These types of tires are best suited for an asphalt surface. They are the best suit for the road. They are usually skinny (around 23-25 mm wide) and light. They create less friction with the ground so that they can be quite fast. These tires are beneficial if you are planning to ride on asphalt surfaces at a fast speed. However, in wet conditions, they are very slippery. If you live in a regularly wet area, you might consider another tire choice.

  • Cyclocross tire

These types of tires fall in between road tires and mountain tires. They are slightly wider than road tires (around 30-33 mm wide). They almost look flat, but they have patterns to help you get a good grip on muddy surfaces. If you plan to ride on gravel or muddy trails, this would be a good fit for you.

  • Commuting bike tire

These types of tires have a width of about 28-42 mm. They are best for people who ride daily on asphalt or concrete. Unlike road tires, commuting bike tires are safe to drive in wet conditions. If grip and comfort are important to you, I suggest you choose wider tires to reduce tire pressure and have more air volume.

  • Mountain bike tire

Unlike road tires, mountain bikes are fat wheel electric bikes. Their tires are wide, firm, and fat. These tires are best for off-road surfaces such as sand, dirt, or grass. Additionally, some of these tires are made of natural rubber. If you are one to ride in harsh environments, this might be the best choice for you.

  • BMX tire

Standing for bicycle motocross, these tires are made for races. These tires are often wider and thicker compared to mountain tires. However, there are different types of BMX tires depending on your riding style. If you are searching for a sport type of tire, this might be the one for you.

Electric Bicycle Wheel Size

Different size of e-bike wheels

The size of your wheels of the electric bike is also significant. They are just as important as the type of tire you choose. The size you choose will affect your experience with biking, which is why you have to choose the size that will suit your needs. Found below is a list of the most common sizes.

  • 16-Inch E-bike Wheel

These are best for folding bicycles. It makes the bicycle lighter and keeps the folding easier. However, because of their small size, they do not handle harsh and bumpy roads well. Another downside to their small size is that these types of wheels can make hill climbing harder.

  • 20-Inch E-bike Wheel

Like the previous one, this one is also usually found on a folding bicycle; but they are also found on BMX. These are the standard sizes found on BMX. Although they are slightly better than the 16-inch e-bike wheel, these will also make hill climbing difficult.
  • 26-Inch E-bike Wheel

These are the most common bicycle wheels. Most bikers usually go for this type of electric wheel size. They can be found on mountain bikes, road bikes, and other types of bikes. Because of their size, they are best for harsh environments. If you are an off-road biker, you might consider these.
  • 29-Inch E-bike Wheel

Released recently years ago, this tire size has the ability to roll over obstacles on your route. However, because of their big size, they can be heavy. Another downside to this big-wheel electric bike is that you have less maneuverability. Also, to take into consideration, this is a big-wheel electric bike, so depending on your height/size, you might consider taking this or not.

How to Choose the Right Bicycle Wheel?

Choosing the right electric bike wheel depends on you and you alone. You are the only one who knows which e-bike wheel will suit your needs well. Having the right wheel will be a game-changer to your biking experience. To choose the right bicycle wheel, you need to take into consideration two things:
  • Terrain

The road on which you will bike will deeply affect the type of bicycle wheel you will choose. There are different types of wheels for different types of terrain. Knowing the terrain, you will ride on will reduce your options.
  • Size

Size is another factor that will also affect the type of bicycle wheel you will choose. There are different electric bicycle wheel sizes for different needs. Knowing your needs will help you know which size will be best for you.
The wheels of your electric bike play a major role in your experience with e-bikes. Depending on the wheels you choose, you may have a good or bad experience. Choosing the right electric bicycle wheels will step up your biking game. To choose the best wheels for your electric bike, you need to consider the terrain you will be riding on and the size of your wheels. Analyzing the wheels, you need before buying them can make biking much more exciting. By choosing the right electric bicycle wheels, you will be able to revitalize things up. I hope this article helped.

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