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GoTrax GXL Electric Scooter Review 2020

Overview of GoTrax GXL

The GoTrax GXL scooter is an amazing product thanks to the many features incorporated into its design. The design of this GoTrax GXL commuting electric scooter was meant to make it a functional commuting product with high performance standards. It has the ability to attain reasonable acceleration speeds and a good range, a fact that is coupled with its effective rear wheel disc braking system and a comfortable ride thanks to its pneumatic tires.

The scooter also features minimal and thoughtful controls that are brightly displayed on its cockpit. This help to the user to control the ride thanks to the speed and battery status indicators. Unlike other scooter manufacturing brands, riders cannot get confused due to the absence of unnecessary levers, knobs, or switches on the control console.

With its light weight and folding capabilities, the GoTrax GXL electric scooter is easy to carry and store. This is coupled by its well-designed packaging that serves to prevent any damages arising from bouncing while in transit.

The scooter has several other good features as shown in GoTrax GXL review below.

GoTrax GXL Review: Key Features

Power Performance and Speed

The GoTrax GXL scooter is powered by strong brushless direct current (DC) motor with a 250-watts capacity that gives it reasonable acceleration. However, the motor cannot be started immediately and the user has to kick for about 3km before starting it. The GoTrax GXL scooter can achieve an acceleration speed of up to 26kms/ hour with the assumption that it is used on a flat surface by a rider with a weight not exceeding 74kgs.

While the scooter’s acceleration speed is good enough for most users, it might be a little slower to those used to more powerful scooters. However, the speed is fair enough considering its low cost of purchase.


The scooter is fitted with 36V batteries that give it great power capacity. This gives it the ability to run for between 16 to 19 kilometers before its batteries run out of charge. The 19km maximum range can be achieved on roads with many loops, as well as considering a number of riding stops.

However, the GoTrax GXL scooter’s range is subject to change due to a change on the rider’s weight. The range may increase if the rider is lighter and the opposite is true for heavier riders. The range may also reduce when the rider takes routes with many steep hills. This can be avoided by kicking the scooter to give it more speed support.

The 36V batteries take only 4 hours to be fully charged.

Ride Quality and Braking System

Riding on this scooter is fun and fast. It is fitted with dual tires with a size of 21.6cm. This size of its tires is reasonable enough to enable a smooth ride on smooth and bumpy roads. This is coupled with its pneumatic tires (filled with air) that enable riding comfort thanks to the adequate bounce they provide. Additionally, the air-filled tires make the scooter suitable for use in wet surfaces unlike those with airless tires that are a challenge to use on wet surfaces.

The above feature notwithstanding, the GoTrax GXL electric scooter has no suspension and much of the damping is provided by its pneumatic tires.

The front wheel of the scooter uses regenerative braking system, which is good enough. However, the rear wheel has an amazing disc braking system. This gives the scooter the ability to stop within a 5 meter range if brakes are applied when it is running at a speed of 22km/ hour.

Control Console and Lights

The scooter’s cockpit features a display console, which is bright and simple, to indicate speed level and battery status. It also has a handle bar with the left side containing a lever for braking and the right side containing a knob for acceleration. The center of the console contains a red button that is used for powering the scooter on and off, lights as well as the scooter’s gears. Additionally, the length and size of the handle bar is designed to ensure the rider maintains a good and comfortable riding posture.

The scooter’s lighting system features an LED at its front and a reflector at its rear part. However, the scooter’s tail light does not produce bright light and a rider will need to have extra source of light when riding at night.

GoTrax GXL Review: Pros and Cons



  • The scooter has good acceleration speed.
  • It has a great braking system- disc braking on the rear wheel.
  • It is fitted with a powerful motor as well as batteries that take less time to charge and operate for long hours.
  • Its light weight as well as fold and lock capabilities makes it easy to store and carry around.
  • The rider has full control of the scooter thanks to the brightly lit front display console that indicates speed level. This helps to minimize accidents.
  • Its reasonably sized deck as well as narrow handle bar provides enough space for standing and in a comfortable way.
  • Assembling of the scooter is quick and simple. This can be done by anybody even those with no mechanical skills.
  • The scooter is reasonably priced and affordable to many people.



  • The user has to kick the machine for about 3 kilometers in order for it to start.
  • The pneumatic tires create the possibility of getting stuck in the road due to flat tires.
  • The scooter has no suspension and all the vibrations associated with bumpy roads are transferred to the legs and hands. This create riding discomfort and leaves the rider tired.

Best GoTrax GXL Alternative: TURBOANT X7 Pro

The TURBOANT X7 Pro is a remarkable scooter thanks to its unique and helpful features. The scooter from the TURBOANT brand is an upgraded version of the X7 scooter. It has several unique features that include an easily seen and removable battery, which serves to make its charging easier. It also has a rare design and can attain high acceleration speeds. Below is a review of this scooter.

Key Features of TURBOANT X7 Pro


The market is filled with many scooters, some of them being white boxed scooter that have been rebranded. It is for this reason that the TURBOANT brand releases the X7 Pro, a scooter with unique design that stands out from the others.

The most noticeable feature in the TURBOANT X7 Pro is its hollow stem that is foldable. Protruding from it is a piece that takes a rectangular shape. The scooter also has a detachable battery that is clearly seen, a feature not found in many scooters.


The performance of the X7 Pro is more advanced than its earlier version. It is fitted with a powerful motor of 350 Watts. This gives it the ability to accelerate to up to 30km/ hour. It also has a good braking system.


Unlike the GoTrax GXL commuting electric scooter, the TURBOANT X7 Pro has detachable batteries that are placed above the deck. This makes it convenient to remove for charging or replace them with fully charged batteries. They also take less than 6 hours to be fully charged.

Pros and Cons of TURBOANT X7 Pro



  • It has a great design and solid structure.
  • Its batteries can be accessed easily and removed for charging.
  • It can attain high acceleration speed of up to 30km/ hour when its batteries are fully charged.



  • It is a heavy scooter compared to others.
  • It is relatively high priced.

Why Is It The Best GoTrax GXL Alternative?

The TURBOANT X7 Pro is considered to be the best alternative to GoTrax GXL for several reasons. To start with, the scooter shares many similar features with the GoTrax GXL scooter. This includes a great, functional and thoughtful front display console. It also has a good braking system and many other amazing features found in the GoTrax GXL commuting electric scooter.

However, TURBOANT X7 Pro has many advanced features compared to GoTrax GXL scooter. This includes a more powerful motor of 350 Watts that gives it great acceleration speed. Compared to the 26km/ hour in GoTrax, the X7 Pro can attain a speed of up to 32km/ hour.

X7 Pro also has more advanced battery. This is not just in terms of its power capabilities, but the fact that its batteries are placed above its deck. Additionally, the batteries are easily removable, which makes its charging easy. Besides, the scooter rider can carry extra batteries, which are fully charged, so that he can replace batteries once they run out. This is beneficial especially when taking long routes or is having power shortages.

The many features discussed in the GoTrax GXL review makes it clear how good the GoTrax GXL scooter is. However, the TURBOANT X7 Pro also has many similar features, some of them being more advanced, which make it a good alternative to GoTrax GXL scooter.


This GoTrax GXL review has explored the many useful features found in the GoTrax GXL scooter. Features that enable high functionality have been shared to include its motor capacity, safety features, convenience and comfort, as well as the ride quality. He review has also looked at its pros and cons that are a collection of different honest and unbiased views of past users. If the GoTrax GXL scooter is not your desired type, the review has given an alternative, the TURBOANT X7 Pro, and proceeded to review it as well as state why it’s a good alternative.

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