The Best Value Electric Mini Bike in 2021

Tue, Feb 23, 21

An electric mini bike can be one of the most innovative solutions for those who want to enjoy comfortable and really fast mobility. Many companies include this type of vehicle in their offices and service centers so that their customers and employees can move easily.

There is an immense variety of models, each one more comfortable or efficient than the other, but this time, you will meet Turboant Swift S1 which is one of the best value electric mini bikes in the market.

If you are one of those who always go after the most current and likes to have a comfortable and fun way of moving around; this bike will be your best choice.

Check out all the other details of this incredible bike:

Turboant Swift S1 Electric Mini Bike

Turboant Swift S1 Electric Mini Bike-1

Turboant Swift S1 is loaded with great and cool features. Mainly, this is a mini electric bike with a 750 W Brushless Gear Motor, ideal to give you the necessary boost to travel long distances.

The aluminum construction is one of the great strengths of this bicycle, as it helps to reduce its weight, providing greater performance. Additionally, it has the possibility of being folded, being able to be taken anywhere and stored in the smallest spaces without any inconvenience.

The lighting of the road will not be a problem, a set of LED lights are integrated into the front and rear. As if that were not enough, on its handlebar it has a small screen where you can know the amount of battery and the type of assistance.

Finally, its elegant design is great for those who want to use it to go to work, tour facilities, or even go to school. Nothing will stop you with this great mini bike electric that will take you where you want it without any inconvenience. Remember that, it is completely rechargeable and you can easily do it at home.

Folding electric bike:

For those who refer to wheels of great power and guaranteed durability, this bicycle maybe your best option thanks to its excellent design. It is necessary to start by mentioning that it can be folded to half its size, allowing better mobility and even the possibility of taking it on public transport.

This great electric mini bike for adults has a high-quality design, designed to give elegance and comfort. No one said that you couldn't combine quality, design, and comfort in one great bike. All this and more make up this folding bike.

Its battery is 48 V, ideal to provide a performance of winners, with fast and efficient mobility. This cool bike can deliver a speed of up to 25 km / h and at a lower, a performance of up to 97 kilometers. To improve the experience, an LED battery monitor is included, with which you will obtain control of your levels.

Thanks to the inclusion of front and rear lights, you can walk at night without any inconvenience, safe routes, and a lot of fun. Consider that this bike has an adjustable saddle and handlebars, so you can ride with great comfort.

The best City Bike:

Willing to go great distances with a little assistance? This electric mini bike has arrived to become your best solution to your days of leisure. You must bear in mind that this is a completely adaptable bike, you can pedal at ease, use a little assistance or even forget to pedal.

You should not hesitate to take great rides thanks to its highly resistant tires, designed to receive impacts and travel difficult terrain. Keep in mind that you can get up to 97 km in full assistance mode, being able to go further if you alternate the modes. You will never feel uncomfortable again, enjoy every ride.

If you are a fan of safety, with this bike you will not have to worry, its mechanical disc brakes will make everything easier.

The motor of this bicycle is one of its best details, providing great durability and a very uniform movement that will give you peace of mind. You should know that with only 5 to 6 hours of charge you will get great performance, easy and economical mobilization at a crazy price.

A complete unisex electric mini bike for adults:

Performance and efficiency are two of the most outstanding characteristics of this excellent mini electric bike, its design is inspired by fast mobilization. The battery capacity of this bike is somewhat impressive, which, combined with its high-quality materials, makes it a champion choice.

With 20” tires, it becomes a small and highly versatile bike that will take you wherever you want, without any problem. Additionally, its battery allows you the assistance of up to 25 km / h, achieving a fast and very efficient movement, ensuring that you never get tired of walking.

Its battery is designed to charge super-fast, in just 3 hours it will be ready for a new ride and ready for anything. If you want to save a bit of battery, feel free to activate the pedals or just use the medium assistance, you will get a lot more kilometers.

A fact that cannot be missed is the fact that its frame is completely foldable, which offers many more possibilities for use. No more excuses for not enjoying a beautiful sunny day or a good exit from monotony; take the time to have fun with this great bike.

Another point in favor of the comfort of this electric mini bike model is that the seat is made of foam, so it is soft, you can also adjust its height, which allows greater comfort and an ability to adapt to different sizes of people.

The brakes are disc and are on the rear wheel, it responds quickly and with power to avoid impacts. The rims stabilize the bike and allow a much safer smooth ride.

Minimalist aesthetic finish:

The quality of Turboant Swift S1 mini electric bike is well recognized and it is highly rated by riders. This Swift S1 model is designed so that you can comfortably transport yourself on short trips within the city regardless of the weather or terrain that you may find in your path.

With a superstructure and minimalist aesthetic finish, this compact bike without pedals stands out. It is waterproof, as it has IP54 protection that guarantees its operation despite the rain.

Its compact size and weight of around 30.8 kilos, with its folding system, make it easy to go up or downstairs, you can also take it in an elevator or in the subway without problems. 

Likewise, this mini electric bicycle is easy to store and is designed for people who live in flats or small spaces, but who want a safe, fast, and very practical means of transport.

You should know that it is very resistant, supports up to 120 kilograms of weight, and thanks to its powerful 750W Brushless Gear Motor, you can reach a maximum speed of 25 km / h. In addition to this, going up hills will not be a problem as well as going through uneven terrain.

The 14 Ah battery gives you 25 kilometers of autonomy on a single charge, so you can travel several times within the city or even a single long trip to the outskirts without problems. It is fast charging because between 3 and 4 hours it will be ready for action, so you never have to worry about being stranded.

The tires are 20 inches, this has double benefits, on the one hand, they provide stability to the bike as they absorb the impacts of obstacles very well and are non-slip, giving you much more safety when driving in the rain. On the other hand, driving becomes very smooth and comfortable thanks to them.

The best e-Bike:

Travel 50 km without pedaling? Stop dreaming and get it! The Turboant Swift S1 mini electric bike offers you this very easily. All in a super-compact bike, foldable, with fast charging and a very elegant design that will suit all tastes.

Its 25 km / h will seem like something excellent knowing that it recharges the battery in just 3 hours, something that will work for everything. Its brake disc is excellent, you do not have to worry about anything. 

This is a super tough bike, supporting up to 97 kilograms. Something remarkable is that it has resistance to splashes and light rain.

Turboant Swift S1 Electric Mini Bike-2

Technical Specifications:

  • Hub Motor: 750 W Brushless Gear Motor
  • Lithium-ion Battery: 48 V 14 Ah
  • Charger: 48 V 2 A
  • Load: 264 lb (120 kg.)
  • Range: 35-60 Miles (56 to 97 km)
  • Recommended Rider Heights: 5’3” to 6’4” (1.6 m to 2 m)
  • Controller: 48 V 18 A
  • Display: LCD Display
  • Weight: 68 lb (30.8 kg.)
  • Pedal Assistance: 0 to 5 Level

Key Features:

  • LCD Display
  • Featured with Quick Release Levers
  • 7-speed gear
  • Brake taillight
  • High-speed motor
  • Kenda fat tires with reflective strips
  • Adjustable alloy front fork
  • Pedal with reflector
  • Aluminium alloy
  • Spokes are designed with 12-gauge stainless steel

Why it stands out?

  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Robust made
  • Long-term battery life in a single charge
  • Attractive look and design
  • Low maintenance
  • Excellent value for the price


Q1. How fast do electric mini bikes go?

Mini bike electric is designed to make transport within the city comfortable, fast and hassle-free. The maximum speed that is reached with this bike is 25 km / h and to guarantee the safety of the driver at this speed, it has a good braking system.

Q2. Are mini bikes illegal to ride?

If you will wear a helmet while driving which is approved by the Transportation Department, you can ride your mini electric bikewithout any problem.

Q3. How much does a minibike cost? 

The best electric mini bike which is designed for younger riders can cost between $200 to $400. And gas-powered bikes cost between $300 to 500$. 

Q4. What is the best mini bike to buy?

If you are looking for the best value for money cheap electric mini bikes, we recommendTurboant Swift S1 since it is loaded with great features, and also you can buy them at affordable prices.


Having an electric minibike can be the coolest thing in the world. The typical question of what maintenance does a mini electric bike need? it is much easier to answer than any user may think. 

It is not expensive and not complicated, you just have to pay special attention to the differentiating elements of the electric bicycle, such as the battery, the motor, and the components of the electrical system itself. Beyond that, the care they need is very similar to that of a conventional bike.

Surely you have already started to see electric mini bikes around your city, very similar to conventional ones, but they are small, do not have pedals, and also work as a motorcycle, with a fist or accelerator button that makes them move without our intervention.

So, we are recommending going with this Turboant Swift S1 model which is one of the best value electric mini bikes. 

It is undoubtedly a preferred travel vehicle for many young people for day to day - work, university, gym, meet friends, etc.

This electric mini bike is foldable, and are much smaller than what we are used to. What makes it the perfect allies so that we always have one on hand to go from here to there.

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