Planning to Get an Electric Bike for Kids? Here are 5 Things to Look Out For

Turboant official @ 2021-03-15 06:23:47 -0700

The market for electric bikes is gradually expanding, and it is no longer limited to adults. These days, you can find a wide range of kid’s electric bicycles in the market. Since e-bikes for kids are extremely safe and resourceful, parents are encouraged to get them for their little ones. To help you pick the best electric bike for kids as well, I have come up with this pro guide that every parent should go through.

How Safe are Electric Bikes for Kids?

As a parent, the overall safety and well-being of your child should be your biggest priority. Ideally, kid’s e-bikes are considered extremely safe compared to conventional bicycles due to some of the following reasons:
  • Sturdy Pedal and Gear Support

If you live in the mountains or the bicycle is heavy, then it can be tough for your kids to enjoy the overall experience. One of the best things about kid’s electric bicycles is the gear and pedal support that they provide. With the help of the motor, a battery bike for kids won’t require a lot of effort to be ridden.
  • Less Fatigue. More Focus

It has been observed that when cyclists are tired, they are less likely to pay attention to the road. Therefore, electric bikes for kids can drastically avoid the chances of a crash as your kids would be less tired and more focused on driving.
  • Tons of Customizations

Since the market of kid’s electric bicycles is still new, most of the products are technologically advanced. For instance, you can easily connect your kid’s e-bike with your smart devices and track them remotely. You can even mount a trailer with your e-bike to keep your kids safe while driving.

Electric Bikes with Trailer

What are Some Leading Benefits of Getting Electric Bikes for Kids?

If you are still not sure whether you should get the best electric bike for kids or not, then go through some of their advantages to make up your mind.
  • Connecting them to nature

Most of the kids these days spend hours on their smart devices and rarely step out. Therefore, a kid’s e-bike would be one of the best things to encourage them to go out and explore the natural terrains.
  • Accompanying adults for cycling trips

Are you into cycling and you want your kids to follow the same lifestyle? Then why now get a durable kid’s electric bicycle for them. In this way, they can easily accompany you on your cycling trips and can have fun together.
  • Attaining a fitter lifestyle

It might surprise you, but more than 18% of kids suffer from obesity these days. The lack of physical activities and following a lethargic lifestyle are some of the major reasons for obesity in kids. An electric bike for kids will certainly encourage your children to ride more and attain a fit lifestyle naturally from an early age.
  • Being more social

Cycling is one of the best activities that kids do together! Once you get your little one a kid’s e-bike, they can take it for the spin in the neighborhood with other kids and make new friends.
  • Encouraging them to be independent

It has been observed that cycling is extremely beneficial for making kids independent. A battery bike for kids will let them explore the surrounding areas on their own, building up their confidence.
  • Natural Stress Relief

Physical activities are considered a natural stressbuster and cycling is one of them. With the help of an e-bike for kids, your little ones can leave the pressure behind and have fun with their friends.

Kids Riding a Bike

5 Things to Considering While Picking an Electric Bike for Kids

Now when you know the benefits of e-bikes for kids, make sure that you consider the following things in mind to pick the best electric bike for kids.
  1. Bike’s Efficiency: Motor and Battery

If you want to pick the best e-bike for kids, then you need to look at its motor output and battery level. For instance, its battery and motor would be responsible to power the bike for a specific duration.
Mostly, kid’s e-bike has motor grades of under 300W, letting them ride the bike at a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour. Similarly, a battery with a maximum range of 20-30 miles would be enough for your kids.
  1. Reliable Front and Rear Brakes

As a parent, the overall security of your kids should be extremely important. Therefore, when you look for kid’s electric bicycles, always check the braking system and suspensions. It is recommended to go with a bike that has rear and front hydraulic, disc, or dual brakes. You can even take the bike for a test ride and check its brakes before making up your mind.
  1. Speed and Other Restrictions

At times, kids seem to over-speed their electric bikes, which should always be avoided. While most of the kid’s e-bike only has the maximum speed of 12-15 mph, you can also set up restrictions in some models. Try to go with a kid’s electric bike that would have maximum speed limits so that they won’t over-speed behind your back.
  1. A Dedicated and User-friendly Panel

The front panel of any kid’s electric bike is pretty important as it would depict various details about the bicycle. Since kids can sometimes find it hard to understand a complex panel, try to have a basic panel that has all the necessary details. For instance, it should have the details of the gear, speed, battery level, horn, and every other vital thing included in a simpler manner.
  1. Smart GPRS Connectivity

Last, but most importantly, the e-bike for kids should have GPS connectivity or a dedicated device installed. This will let you connect the kid’s e-bike to your smartphones or tablets. Whenever your kids would take their bikes for a ride, you can remotely monitor their location and track their whereabouts easily.
There you go! I’m sure that after following these suggestions, you would be able to pick the best electric bike for kids. Apart from the recommendations, you can also consider the battery backup, the size of the kid’s e-bike, its customer feedback, durability, and other important factors. Go ahead and explore the wide range of products and get the best e-bike for your kids right away!