Everything You Should Know About E-bike Classification

Tue, Mar 16, 21

 In the modern-day, for developing countries, the price of oils such as petrol, diesel is creating a huge problem on the other hand for all nations the global warming and other environmental problems are creating more health issues. Hence, it is the best time to switch to e-vehicles. This is why many people are using e-bikes and improving their as well environmental health. But if you are new to e-bikes, you will be overwhelmed with the varieties of them. You would have heard class 1, class 2, and class 3 e-bike, moped, etc. So, in this blog, we help to understand everything about an e-bike. 

The Reason Why We Have Electric Bike Classification

We have 3 classes of e-bikes (Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3), and let us look at why we have such classifications. Recently many people are accepting e-bikes and e-bike class 3 is the most popular one. The user base is also expanding, and from younger people to older people are using electric bikes to commute. To cater to the need of every user, the speed and performance of bikes have increased significantly. The increasing usage of these types of e-bikes created a real mess in many states of the US. And managing them becoming a serious issue. The absence of rules and regulation for e-bikes, it paved the way for many dangers and unfavorable traffic management. Hence, on 30th august 2019, the US government classified e-bikes into three categories to counter all these issues. 

The Difference between Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 E-bike

Types of electric bike

Class 1, class 2, and class 3 e-bike are subjected to different traffic laws and age groups. Hence, if you wonder which is the best one for you, you must know the difference between these three classes.

  • Class 1 Electric Bike

Under this type of e-bike, it assists the motor to the rider only when he/she is pedaling. Additionally, this motor support stops once the speed reaches 20miles per hour. In short, the maximum speed of this motor is 20MPH. The traffic rules for these types of e-bikes are more relaxed than e-bike class 3 and class 2. It allows the rider to go in the bicycle streets and lanes. Since the speed limit is limited in these types of e-bikes, it is safer and less prone to accidents. All age group riders are allowed to ride these e-bikes, and no driver permit or license plates are needed. However, the only rule is kids under 17 age must ride by wearing a helmet.

  • Class 2 Electric Bike

This type of E-bikes is electric bicycles that are powered by a motor, and it is used to propelling the e-bike. As the class 1 e-bike, this is also unable to provide motor assistance once the speed limit reaches 20MPH. The only difference between class 1 or class 2 e-bike is class 2 comes with a throttle design & uses pure electric power without pedal help. If you desire to turn on electric motor assistance only, you need to press the button to or twist its knob that lies on the handlebar to free the feet. The rules for class 2 e-bike are similar to class 1 e-bikes, where you do not need a license plate or driving license, but riders under 17 must use a helmet. It is ideal for traveling for a picnic, office, college, and other short to middle-distance places. If there are no special rules, you can go on most sidewalks and bicycle lanes. In some mountain lanes, it is restricted since it is assisted by a motor throttle and may damage the lanes. 

  • Class 3 Electric bike

The class 3 e-bike with the throttle is the famous type of e-bike since it is the fastest of all these e-bikes. It is an e-bicycle that arrives with an electric motor, and it assists the rider only when he/she is pedaling. Once the speed limit reaches 28 MPH, it stops motor aid. Yes, the class 1 and class 3 e-bike seem similar, but the main difference is the speed limit. In Class 1 e-bike, the maximum speed is 28mph; in an e-bike class 3, the top speed is 28 MPH. However, class 3 e-bike laws are strict than the other two classes. The rider of a class 3 e-bike must secure their head with a helmet irrespective of age. Additionally, due to the increased speed, its usage is restricted to people above 16 years. The good news is it also doesn't need any driving license or license plate. Since it can move at a higher speed and the probability of accidents is more, it is not allowed in the regular bicycle lanes and sidewalks. In other words, it is only permitted on highways & other roads where all vehicles can travel.

How to Choose an E-bike?

Different types of e-bikes
If you are concerned with a low budget, the ideal choice is Class 1 electric bikes. They are affordable and allowed on all types of roads. However, the issue is it needs more strength and suitable for shorter routes. 

Class 2 electric bikes are the best choice since it is affordable, allowed in all types of roads, and its quality is superior to Class One. And most importantly, it won't make you feel tired, and it is suitable for everyone including the people who are less fit. This type of electric bike is suited for short to long distances. 

Class 3 e-bike is loved by youngsters and those who need speed. But it costs more and subject to many restrictions. However, the quality of these bikes is superior and suitable for longer routes. 


The selection of the best electric bike is always a tricky one. But if you are sure about your requirement you can easily get the e-bikes that suit your needs. The class 3 e-bike with the throttle is popular among speed lovers, but it is not allowed in regular bicycles path. So, we hope now you are free from the confusion about the e-bikes classes and ready to purchase the one you love the most. 

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