Compact Folding Electric Scooters for Adults

Tue, Aug 24, 21

Compact electric scooters are quickly becoming a new sensation, and not just for kids! Are you sick and tired of standing in long lines just to get to your bus or metro during rush hour? Do you feel that walking up to your office every day is tiresome and exhausting? Do you want an eco-friendly, effortless way to reach your destination? Then why haven’t you bought a folding lightweight electric scooter? They are a small, foldable, battery-operated, smooth, quick vehicle that you can use instead of a conventional fuel-based bike or scooter. Thus, you can contribute your part in creating an eco-friendly world and gift yourself a worry-free safe drive every day. Here, we are specifically focusing on the foldable compact electric scooters that suit adults. You may become overwhelmed when searching through the many options available on the market. So, we suggest the top five foldable compact electric scooters to help you narrow down your choices.


1. Ninebot ES1

With a single push of your thumb, this electric foldable scooter will run immediately at a maximum speed of 12.4 mph. Though it can only cover 15.5 miles on a single fully charged battery, you can enhance the mileage up to 30 miles with an additional battery. The front shock absorption and electronic regenerative front brake and foot brake will make your drive smooth as butter. With an IP54 water-resistant body, you can even ride in the rain! You can select and control driving mode, driving speed, check the battery level, Bluetooth connectivity, or maintenance required from the digital LED screen. Weighing in at 25 lbs, the Ninebot ES1 is a lightweight foldable scooter.

Key Features

  • 8-inch and 7.5-inch large, wide tires provide you with a shock-free smooth ride
  • A chainless engine delivers 15.5 miles of coverage
  • The braking system is improved with cruise control and front shock absorption
  • The LED front light will brighten your way and the digital display will make you aware of current speed and capacity of the foldable electric scooter.
  • This compact electric scooter is a dark grey colour that delivers a premium look and feel. The footpads are easily cleanable on this folding electric scooter, so you can keep it looking good as new for years.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Compact foldable design makes it easy to store under a desk
  • 3 speed modes help control speed
  • An optional secondary battery will make sure you never stranded in the middle of a trip
  • Controllable through smartphone apps
  • Hard rubber tires endure any rough, bumpy road


  • Low climbing angle
  • Quite expensive with an additional battery
  • Maximum speed is low



The GoTrax GXL 2 is another compact electric scooter that you can buy for everyday use. With an affordable price range, it offers great build quality. The design is simple, with no unnecessary knobs, levers, or switches to clutter your scooter. The 36 V 5.2 AH extended range Lithium-Ion battery is extremely powerful and provides 12 miles of coverage per charge. The disk and EABS anti-lock braking system are quite efficient and responsive on the road. The battery can be recharged in only four hours, allowing you to quickly charge it in your office while you work.

Key Features

  • Overall weight is 5 lbs, which is light and easy to carry
  • It folds and locks quickly to a compact size of 39 in by 17 in by 2 in. You can easily store it in the trunk of a car, carry it upstairs, or place it beneath your worktable at the office.
  • The bright LED screen provides information on speed and battery capacity.
  • This collapsible electric scooter has 5-inch pneumatic inner tube tires that do not slip easily and give you a comfortable ride.
  • 6 in by 6 in of deck space


  • A budget-friendly product
  • Quality construction and design
  • Advanced modern features
  • Easy to climb up hills


  • Top speed of 5 mph
  • The maximum rider weight is 220 lbs, so not fit for heavy riders.
  • The handlebar is not foldable




This ultra-lightweight folding mobility scooter is one of the best on the market. It is sleek, lightweight, and premium in both looks and feel. You can easily lift and take it from one place to another. Equipped with 3 different speed settings, allowing you to choose your desired speed setting on the go. Hits a maximum speed of 20 mph, which is quite good. Its triple braking system and bright LED light at the front ensure your security, even at night. The battery will take six hours to fully charge, which is faster than many of the others. With a fully charged battery, you will get a maximum mileage of 30 miles, which is great. You will also receive a one-year warranty. 

Key Features

  • Triple braking mechanism ensures a braking distance of 16.4 ft
  • 10 Ah detachable battery
  • Durable and powerful 350 W motor
  • 10-inch pneumatic tube tires
  • The stem charging port enables external charging


  • 20 mph maximum speed
  • 30 miles maximum range
  • 1-year prolonged warranty
  • Fast charging
  • Load limit of 275 lbs


  • Slightly unstable while riding uphill
  • No UK repair center



4.Unagi Model One

This is one of the best lightweight electric scooters currently on the market. It weighs 23 lbs., and by simply pushing a button you can make it fold for easy carrying. With the dual motor feature, it will weigh about four pounds more. To make it one of the lightest scooters, the deck is made from aluminum, a lightweight yet rigid sturdy material. For traction, the deck is covered with embedded silicon.

Key Features

  • 17 mph maximum speed
  • 5 miles range on a full charge
  • 23 lbs. weight
  • Puncture-proof tires
  • Smooth acceleration with a single push


  • A lightweight foldable mobility scooter
  • Up to date design with easy assembly
  • Rides well on smooth terrain


  • The brake paddle takes practice
  • The dual-motor mode is not efficient
  • Underperforms on uneven terrain



5.Segway Ninebot Max

It would be hard to miss the Segway Ninebot Max on a list of foldable electric scooters for adults. This fold-up electric scooter is slim and classy in design and powerful in performance. With it, you can travel up to 40 miles with a top speed of 18.6 mph. And, with the help of Bluetooth connectivity, you can operate this smart scooter from your smartphone. 

Key Features

  • IPX5 water-resistant body
  • 350 W powerful battery
  • 220 lbs. weight load
  • 10-inch pneumatic tires for increased traction
  • 4 miles maximum range


  • 20% hill grade
  • Brighter front LED light
  • 6 mph top speed
  • You can lock or unlock the scooter, check riding stats, and operate cruise control from your smartphone


  • The handlebar is not foldable and thus can occupy a lot of space
  • Weak acceleration



So, these are some of the best compact electric scooters,in our opinion. Some of them are better in performance, while others are lighter to carry. You should choose yours according to your individual preference. If you want the lightest electric scooter, then you should buy the Unagi Model One. For compact portable scooters, you can try the TURBOANT models. All of these are light scooters in comparison with other models in the market, though there are some differences. We leave the final decision up to you.

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