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Best Cheap Electric Scooter for Adults 2020


Electric scooters are used nowadays not just for fun but for mini hassle-free transportation too. You can avoid the traffic, go through narrow lanes, and become environment friendly by using an electric scooter. Various companies are now experimenting with electric scooters to make them more affordable and reliable. And now you can get a hand full of cheap electric scooter suggestions wherever you search. But to select the best cheap electric scooter you will need to do some researches. Here is some help for you.


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Best cheap electric scooters under $300

1. Gotrax G2

Gotrax G2 comes with a 200-watt power-packed motor. The strong motor gives it the strength to reach the top speed of 15.5 mph. with this much speed and power, you can reach your destination surprisingly quickly.

Key features:

Innovative digital display- you can track your speed, check battery life, and change gear directly from your handlebar through this.

Cruise control- to enable cruise control you need to hold the accelerator down for 10 seconds. Then the scooter can automatically maintain its current speed.

2-speed setting- the most amazing and unique thing in this cheap 2 wheels electric scooter is that change the gear and speed from 10 mph to 15.5 mph anytime you want.

Large tires- the good quality solid rubber tire of 6.5” is a plus point.



  • Portable design with lever-activated folding frame.
  • Runs up to 9 miles per charge.
  • Powerful motor with great speed.



  • The display is not much readable in broad daylight.
  • You cannot change any part individually if it gets damaged later on.


The price is around $249.99 which is extremely reasonable.

Why we like it

It can support up to 220lbs. So from a teenage boy to an office going adult, it can serve for all. The shifting gear feature is very helpful. You can speed up when you are in a hurry and glide through the roads when you want to relax.

2. Razor E300s

This is the best electric scooter under 300. This affordable scooter comes with a seat. So you don't have to stand throughout your journey to the destination. You can relax and seat on it and it will drive you smoothly. And you can even remove the padded seat if you want to stand up while riding.

Key features:

Easy-grip and hand-operated brake- the twist grip throttle makes it easy to grip. The manual brake system gives you the feel of a bicycle.

Retractable kickstand- also there is the retractable spring-loaded kickstand just like a bicycle.



  • It is affordable.
  • Gives you comfort to seat.
  • Up to 40 minutes long drive at a time.



  • Some complain that they have to change several parts of the scooter frequently.
  • There is an issue with the distance it can cover. For a kid or teenager, it may be okay but for an adult, the distance matters.


The price of this electric scooter is $98.99 on Amazon.

Why we like it

It gives you an authentic feel. It is more like an electric cycle than a scooter. Just you don’t need to do the pedaling effort here.

3. Razor E300

This is an electric scooter for adults cheap in price but good in quality. With 250 watts of high torque and 15 mph (24 km/h) high speeds you will be unstoppable on it. The deck is big enough for adults to stand comfortably.

Key features:

Thrilling power- 250-watt motor, single-speed, high torque, and chain-driven motor combine to give you the high speed of 24 kilometers per hour. The rechargeable 24V battery will give you 40 minutes continuous ride.

Big wheels- the rear wheel is specially designed for increased traction and control.

Wider deck- the wide and long deck is very comfortable for you to stand.



  • Awesome speed.
  • Can carry many healthy people.
  • Assembles in 2 minutes.



  • Some customers have issues with their mileage.
  • Some complain that the chain falls off with every ride.


Razor E300 comes in around $236.55 which is extremely low and affordable.

Why we like it

It can take more weight on it. Even the adults can stand comfortably on the wide deck. The low price is a bonus.

Best cheap electric scooters under $500


This is the most amazing cheap electric scooter you can get. This is the best in every way. It has a super powerful 350 W motor. With the 3 adjustable speed gears, you can anytime change your speed and feel the thrill of it.

Key features:

Detachable battery charging- you can detach the battery from the scooter and charge it separately while you are at home. And you can also charge outside via the stem charging port.

Large shock absorbing tires- even in rough terrain it can ride you smoothly because of its 8.5 inch big tubeless tires.

Triple-redolent braking system- this triple braking system consists of a disc brake, an electronic brake, and a foot brake. A hand lever controls the disc and electronic brake simultaneously.



  • Removable battery.
  • Solid structure and foldable stem.
  • Flat pneumatic tires.



  • The spare battery is expensive.


It will cost you around $449.99 which is justified for this special model.

Why we like it

It looks very stylish. But along with style it is very durable and loaded with new features. Its flexible charging and braking system is what anyone desires in their cheap electric scooters.

2. Hiboy Max

This powerful electric scooter also has a 350 w powerful motor that can reach up to 18.6 mph speed. You can easily cover 17 miles of road with it in one go. The special durable design will also give you stability on the hilly surface.

Key features:

One-step folding design- the 1-second foot-actuated folding makes is compact and easy to carry. You can fold and carry it in one hand and place it wherever you want.

Connects with your phone via the Hiboy S2 app- you can connect your smart cheap electric scooter with your phone with this app.Then you can customize speed, acceleration brake response, cruise control, etc. You can lock the scooter or switch it to riding mode by this.

Front shock absorber- the front wheel is specially designed to take maximum shocks and reduce vibration to a minimum.



  • Double braking system.
  • Wide anti-slip deck.



  • Though the company claims it to be fit for rough surfaces yet some customers find it unstable there.


The price is about $409.00

Why we like it

This is a modern-day model. You can set its parameters through an app and relax while riding it. This looks sleek but strong.

3. Glion Dolly

This foldable electric scooter comes with a wheeled carry bag. So you can take it anywhere in any vehicle with comfort.

Key features:

Motor- the 250 w (600-watt peak) is a decent motor.

Brakes- it has an electronic antilock maintenance-free brake and a rear fender press brake.



  • Rear electric brake.
  • Bright headlight for night rides.



  • The range is short, only 7.2 miles.
  • The cheap plastic handlebars are not comfortable.


It will cost you around $429.99

Why we like it

Its vertical self-standing system enables you to roll it like a suitcase and let it stand vertically without taking much space.

How to choose a budget electric scooter?

Here is a brief guide for you so that you can select the best model in your budget price.

Price- as you are choosing a budget electric scooter, so the first thing you should consider is the price of the scooter. You need to look for maximum features in a limited price range. Compare models of your budget and buy the best one.

Range- the range is important. You don’t want to stop in the middle of the way to your destination. Get the highest range possible.

Weight- as often you will have to carry it in your hands so take a lightweight model.

Lights- on your way back home in the afternoon or night you will need a powerful headlight. So get a scooter with lights on it.


All these cheap electric scooters are best in quality and perfect in their ways. You can choose the one with the seat to get some extra comfort. But most of the rides like to stand and feel the moves along with their electric scooters. The safety of yours should be your primary concerns thus choose the one with a reliable braking system and durable structure. From all aspects, the Turboant X7 is an all-rounder. Its separate charging and 3 step braking system are truly innovative and appreciable. Hope this review helps you solve your doubts on selecting the best cheap electric scooters.

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