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Looking for the Best Women’s Electric Bike?
Read this Guide First!

Mon, Mar 29, 21

Are you looking for a reliable women’s electric bike that you can ride on all kinds of terrains? If your answer is yes, then we will help you pick the best e-bikes for women in this post. From hiking to daily commutes, you might need a reliable ladies electric bike for different needs. Therefore, considering all these things in mind, I have handpicked the best women’s electric bike in all categories right here.

Part 1: The Best Women's Electric Bikes You Can Get in 2021?

To make things easier for you, I have listed the best ladies electric bike in three categories – mountain bikes, daily commuting bikes, and lightweight bikes.


1. Turboant Thunder T1: The Best Women’s Electric Mountain Bike

If you are looking for the best ladies electric mountain bike, then Thunder T1 by Turboant should be your first bike. It is a unisex bike that has 4-inch-wide fat tires, letting you ride it on mountains and other uneven terrains without any hassle.

Motor: 750W Brushless
Maximum range: 40-60 miles
Tires: 26 by 4-inch puncture-resistant
Battery: 48 V 14 Ah Li-Ion
Transmission: 7-speed Shimano Derailleur
Display: 5-value LCD screen
Max load: 264 lbs.
Max speed: 19.9 mph
Charging time: 3-6 hours
Lights: 48 V LED light front
Brakes: Tektro Aries brake (7.1 in/180 mm)

Turboant Thunder T1 Fat Tire Electric Bike
  • This is the best women’s electric mountain bike that runs on puncture-resistant fat tires (4-inch-wide), ideal for mountains and all other terrains.
  • The ladies electric mountain bike is powered by a 750W motor, supporting a maximum speed of around 20 miles per hour.
  • The electric bike from Turboant is packed with a 14 Ah battery that gives it a maximum range of up to 60 miles after a full charge.
  • Some other features of this best women’s electric bike are 7-speed suspension, pedal assistance, front LED, and a 5-value LCD screen.
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Best Women’s Electric Bike

    Why did we pick it?
    Considered the best women’s electric mountain bike, it runs on a powerful motor and is easy to ride. Since it has fat tires, you can easily take it for hiking, weekend getaways, or even ride it in urban areas without any trouble.

    2. Carrera Subway E: The Best Women's Electric Commuter Bike

    Affordable and lightweight, this is one of the best electric bikes for women that you can use for daily commutes and run nearby errands.

    Motor: 60 NM Torque
    Maximum range: 40 miles
    Tires: 27.5 by 1.95-inch Kenda
    Battery: 36V 9 Ah
    Transmission: 9-speed Shimano
    Display: OLED Multifunction
    Weight: 38 lbs.
    Max speed: 15.5 mph
    Charging time: 3-4 hours
    Brakes: 180mm hydraulic disc

    Carrera Subway E-Bike Women

    • The women’s electric bike is budget-friendly and is powered by a 317Wh motor and a 9Ah battery.
    • You can take this best ladies electric bike for a ride of up to 40 miles at a maximum speed of 15.5 mph.
    • The ladies e-bike has hydraulic disc brakes and 1.95-inch tires, ideal for city roads.
    • You will get an advanced 9-speed Shimano transmission and an OLED display on this ladies electric bike.

    Why did we pick it?
    If you are looking for the best ladies electric bike on a budget, then this would be an ideal pick. It will let you go to your office and nearby places without spending much.

    3. Boardman HYB 8.9E Women’s Bike: The Lightest Women's Electric Bike

    Lastly, if you want to buy a lightweight women’s electric bike, then you can consider HYB8.9E as it weighs just 34 pounds.

    Motor: 250W
    Maximum range: 56 miles
    Tires: Schwalbe Citizen K-Guard
    Transmission: 10-speed Shimano Deore
    Display: Smart LCD
    Weight: 34 lbs.
    Max speed: 15.5 mph
    Charging time: 3 hours
    Brakes: Hydraulic disc 160 mm

    Boardman HYB 8.9E Bike

    • This women’s electric bike is made up of premium aluminum alloy and weighs just 34 pounds.
    • It runs on a hybrid 250W motor that can go on for 56 miles and supports a maximum speed of 15.5 mph.
    • You can even connect the bike with your smartphone (via its app) and use its navigation assistant features.
    • Other advanced features include pedal-assistance, 10-speed Shimano transmission, and a 3-hour quick charge.
    Why did we pick it?
    Not only is this one of the lightest women’s electric bikes, but it is also packed with tons of features. You can easily connect it with your smartphone and access navigation options on the go.

    Part 2: How to Choose the Best Women’s Electric Bike?

    As you can see, there are all kinds of women’s electric bicycles available in the market. Therefore, if you want to pick the best e-bikes for women, then consider the following things in mind:
    • Your requirements
    Firstly, you should know the overall purpose of getting a ladies electric bicycle. For instance, if you want to go hiking then consider getting a women’s electric mountain bike while a commuter bike would be better for daily office commutes.
    • Weight and portability
    Most of the women’s electric bicycles are lightweight, but you should make sure that the bike is easy to carry. If it is foldable, then you can easily carry it and don’t have to worry about parking.
    • Specifications
    Make sure you check things like the bike’s motor, battery, suspension, transmission, pedal assistance, etc. to pick the best women’s electric bike.
    • Comfortable
    The ladies e-bike you are interested in must be comfortable to ride and has advanced ergonomics to provide an upright riding experience.
    • Budget, warranty, and more
    Lastly, try to have an estimated budget in your mind so that you can get a ladies electric bike without over-spending. Also, check the overall warranty of the bike, its security features, customer feedback, and so on.

    Part 3: What are the Regional Restrictions for Women’s Electric Bikes?

    Ideally, there are no specific restrictions that are set solely for women’s electric bicycles. Although, there are specific speed limits for different classes of e-bikes. For instance, if the bike falls in Class 1 or 2 (250-500W motor), then it can only go up to 20 mph in the USA and 15.5 mph in Europe (specific countries might have different rules).
    Besides that, Class 3 vehicles are considered super-fast e-bikes and their maximum speed is allowed as 28 mph in most places. Though, this is just the maximum speed for pedal assistance, and you can ride at a faster pace manually.
    By now, you would be able to pick the best women’s electric bike for yourself or someone else. As you can see, I have included the best e-bikes for women for different requirements and terrains. You can further explore these women’s electric bicycles and let us know about your experience as well.

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