Best Electric Mountain Bikes in 2021

Thu, Mar 18, 21

Buying an electric mountain bike can be difficult. There are some things and aspects you should look for when deciding on the best electric mountain bike to buy for yourself. In this article, you will acquaint yourself with the tech specs and the information you need to have before buying an e-bike so that you can purchase the one that suits you best.

Part 1. The Best Electric Mountain Bikes in 2021

1.1  Turboant Swift S1 – Best Folding Electric Mountain Bike


The Turboant Swift S1 is just as it sounds. It's fast and nimble with a sleek and stylish design. Whether you want to take this out for a ride in the city or for climbing up some hills and mountains, the Turboant Swift S1 is there for you.

It comes with a plethora of awesome features which accentuate its performance and its efficiency in terms of user-friendliness. And the best part? The Turboant S1 is foldable- which means you can take it with you easily and carry it without having to lug around some heavy and bulky weight.

best electric mountain bike

Tech specs

When talking about the tech specs of the Turboant Swift S1, there are quite a few impressive qualities.

  1. 750-Watt Brushless Motor: The motor on the S1 is an efficient 750-watt brushless piece. Brushless motors are better than brushed motors, and they provide a better performance, one of the reasons for which is that there is lesser friction produced in the motor. It is capable of giving the bike a max speed of 19.9 mph.

  2. 20 x 4 Fat tires: When they say fat, they mean fat. These tires are made to provide excellent traction on different surfaces. The traction created by the wide tires is good for ascensions and rough roads. The tires are strengthened with K-shield technology for resistance against punctures. The tires used in the S1 are generally known to be hard-wearing and durable.

  3. Stainless Steel Spokes: To help the wheels hold their shape and retain their construction, the wheels come with 12-gauge stainless steel spokes.

  4. 7-Speed Shimano Derailleur: To help you adjust your speed in desirable locations, the S1 comes with a 7-Speed Shimano Derailleur. You can shift through gears to change your pedaling style and efficiency.

  5. 14 Ah Samsung Battery: To help accommodate the electrical side of the bike, the Swift S1 comes with a detachable 14 Ah Samsung battery that can be charged while it is mounted as well as when it is detached.

Key Features

  1. The Li-ion Samsung battery comes with the bike and is easy to remove and install. The total time required for charging is 3-7 hours. This can be done by removing it or charging it within the frame as well. The battery features an anti-theft design.

  2. The 750 W motor is capable of giving a max speed of 19.9 mph and a max torque of 80 Nm. This is enough if you want to go for a ride in town or to ride up some hills and mountains.

  3. The Swift S1 has a range of 35-60 miles for one battery charge. For a bicycle, this range is enough, and if you only have to travel within your town or city, then it is ample.

  4. The max weight for the Turboant Swift S1 is 264 pounds or 120 kg. This makes it eligible for people of all ages who want to use an e mountain bike.

  5. The Swift S1 comes with five different pedal assistance levels. Pedal assistance is the mechanism that allows you to pedal easily by providing mechanical aid from the motor. You can change the level according to your need.

  6. The LCD display mounted at the handlebars shows useful information to the rider. It can show the speed you are going at, the distance you have traveled on that trip, the time you have spent on the trip, the max speed, the pedal assistance level, and the average speed.

  7. The bike requires setting up, and it should be done by a professional. You should take care that the bike is set up properly; otherwise, you can face some consequences.

Why it stands out?

The Turboant Swift S1 is a folding electric mountain bike designed to give the best performance and efficiency to the rider. The design can accommodate people of all ages and sizes. There is a weight limit of 120 kg that must be watched. The ages it can accommodate are 12-70, so it does not matter if you are a rookie looking to buy your first bike or a veteran looking to buy one for his expert usage. This bike will suffice for you with its efficient performance, compact design, and sturdy structure.

If you are looking for the best e mountain bike, there are some pros you should look for. A mountain bike should be light-weight and easy to carry. Any sort of problem or issue can occur, which can require you to lift your bike up and carry it. The Swift S1 makes all that easier by simply being a folding bike.

The price tag on this bike is not very staggering. So, if you are looking for a cheap electric mountain bike, you should consider the S1.

1.2. The Turboant Thunder T1 – Best Electric Fat Tire Mountain Bike

When it comes to electric mountain bicycles, there are some features and some qualities that you should look for so that you can buy the one suited to your needs. The qualities that define the best electric mountain bike include battery efficiency, weight, tires, gears, and so on. The Turboant Thunder T1 brings with it a collection of impressive qualities and features.

The bike is made to accommodate people of all age groups and sizes. It doesn’t matter if you are a spotty rookie or an expert old-timer. The T1 is made for all and sundry.

The design of the bike allows for easy maneuverability and agility that is fundamental for an electric assist mountain bike. The assistance the bike gives is in the form of the 'Pedal Assistance,' which riders can use to change the effort they have to put in while pedaling. Among others, this is an excellent feature that you can use for increased efficiency and comfort.

best electric mountain bike

Tech Specs

  1. Brushless Motor: The main engine that the T1 incorporates is the 750 Watts brushless motor. Brushless motors are better than their brushed counterparts as they provide a much better performance, and lesser friction is created. The motor is capable of providing a max speed of 19.9 mph to the T1.

  2. 14 Ah Samsung Battery: The in-build Li-ion battery comes with Samsung cells and is mounted safely on the frame of the bike. It can be removed from the frame when needed. Charging can be done while it is mounted, or it can be done when it is detached.

  3. 7-Speed Shimano Derailleur: The 7-speed Shimao Derailleur allows for easy and smooth switching between gears. You can set the gears easily to your preferred setting and enjoy riding.

  4. 26 x 6 Fat tires: The thing that makes the T1 an electric fat tire mountain bike is the tires. The tires on the T1 are 26 x 6 inches, made to provide superior traction and grip. So, if you are planning on going to do some mountain climbing or some off-road riding, you can go easily without worrying about slipping and sliding all the way.

  5. 1 Tektro Brake Rotors: These rotors provide the bike with superior stopping power. If you need to come to a stop quickly in any sort of situation, the rotors will help you halt easily to avoid collisions or accidents.

Key Features

  1. The T1 comes with Pedal Assistance. The Pedal Assistance mechanism can be set on five different levels according to your need and desire. The Pedal Assistance reduces the effort you need to put in when pedaling.

  2. The T1 features an LCD display, which is mounted on the handlebars. This display can show you useful information regarding your current riding status, your travel statistics, and so on. It can show you the speed you are currently going at, the max speed, the average speed, etcetera.

  3. The T1 also comes with the Half-Twist Throttle feature. You can get some riding assistance from the throttle. This is where the bike becomes more or less a literal ‘motorbike’ as it runs on the throttle.

  4. The T1 features rear and front LED lights. The front light is useful if you are riding in the dark, and the backlight is useful for letting people behind you know when you are braking.

  5. The T1 has a range of 35-60 miles. You can travel this distance on one battery charge easily.

Why it stands out?

The T1 can be the best electric mountain bike for you. It is a great product made to provide ease and efficiency to the rider. The light-weight construction enables the rider to easily maneuver the bike. Superior mobility and agility are characteristics of light-weight bikes. The design of the T1 is made to incorporate people of different ages and sizes.

Part 2. How to Choose the Best Electric Mountain Bike?

When you want to decide on what is the best electric mountain bike for you, there are some things and aspects which you should take into account. These things include:

Your usage: You have to understand what sort of use you are going to put your bike to. You have to decide whether you are a regular user or a person who rarely takes the bike out for a ride. If you are a regular user, then you should spend some dough on your bike so that it holds up and lasts longer.

Your desired experience: There are different sorts of bikes that you can buy for different riding experiences. An unofficial categorization that e bikes are subjected to involves two different types. One bike is the one that automatically provides assistance in pedaling by gauging the speed at which you are going and the effort you are putting in pedaling. The other type requires manual switching on and off of the pedal assistance.

The battery: The battery plays a big role in the e-bike. The range of the e-bike is determined by the battery. You have to understand what range you need to cover on a daily basis and buy a bike that suits your need.

Among others, these things are the aspects you should address when looking to decide on the best electric mountain bike.

Part 3. Q and A

How much do good e-bikes cost?

Generally, e-bikes can cost you anything from $600 to $8000. You can decide the standard you need and make a purchase accordingly.

Do electric bikes run only on the battery?

The name might imply this, but electric bikes don't only run on the battery alone. There are some things like the display, the lights, and the assistance that run on the battery, but mainly, it is a bike that you ride by pedaling. You can use the throttle or the pedal assistance when you need it, but the bike is not limited to it.

Can I ride the e-bike without a license?

Yes, you can. E-bikes are legal, and you can ride them anywhere. That is why they have a limited speed range. If someone needs to go above that range, they will need to get a license or even a different vehicle.

What are the electrical components of the e-bike?

The electrical components include the lights, the display, the throttle assistance, and the pedal assistance. There can be more components, but these are the main ones.

Part4. Conclusion

When you are looking to buy the best electric mountain bike to buy, be sure to be certain about what you are looking for. The Turboant Swift S1 and Thunder T1 are two decent options that you can buy. Both have a specific dedicated purpose, and both share some outstanding qualities and features that can make your riding experience fun, enjoyable and comfortable.

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