Are Electric Bikes Street Legal in 2021?

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If you are planning to buy an electric bike in 2021, you might want to know whether electric bikes are street legal or not. Let us be honest, you wouldn’t want it to spend the rest of its life in your garage while dust just sits on it.

This article provides you with every information that you might want to know before you purchase your electric bike.

Electric Bike Laws by State

Before you buy your electric bike, make sure that you are able to use it. A lot of states have laid out laws deriving if your electric bike is street legal or not. We have listed these rules state by state.

  • Alabama

In Alabama, e-bikes are street legal and can be used for routine travelling however you must have a Class M Driver’s License. Minors who do not have a Class M Driver’s License must have a restricted license. Minors below age 14 are not allowed to ride an e-bike.

  • Alaska

Electric bikes are street legal in Alaska but you must be atleast 14 years of age and have a level M2 driving permit. You can ride e-bikes on sidewalks and roadways unless there are signs forbidding so.

  • Arizona

In Arizona, e-bikes are legal and are regulated in same manner as standard bikes however you must have a license to exceed 25 mph in your e-bike.

  • Arkansas

Before using e-bikes in Arkansas, you must have a Motorized Bicycle Permit from the State Police Department. Moreover, e-bikes cannot be used on state highways and city sidewalks.

  • California

As per the guidelines issued by California Department of Transportation, electric bikes can be used everywhere within the state but the state puts restrictions on its use.

  • Colorado

The state allows e-bikes on roadways, bike paths and sidewalks. However, the bike’s motor can be used only when you are on a public road. You cannot use it on bike-paths or pedestrian paths except by permission of local authorities.

  • Connecticut

Connecticut considers electric bikes legal street vehicles. However, your e-bike must meet some particular requirements before the state approves it. Your e-bike must have a minimum seat height of 26 inches and a motor of 750W or less and you must not exceed 20mph speed. The bike must have a working brake system.

  • Delaware

You do not have to get a license to use an electric bike in Delaware. Moreover, you may ride an e-bike on any path except told otherwise by local authorities.

  • Florida

The state recognizes e-bikes but categorizes them as ‘Electric Helper-Motor Bicycles’. Electric bikes must not exceed the speed of 20 mph.

  • Georgia

The state of Georgia allows the use of e-bikes but grant the local government the authority to restrict where e-bikes may be used.

  • Hawaii

Hawaii has legalized the use of e-bike in early 2021. Before this time, e-bikes were illegal.

  • Idaho

This state has passed a law in 2021 legalizing e-bikes. Electric bikes are subjected to the same laws as human-propelled bikes. There is no restriction as to where the e-bikes will be used. They can be utilized on roads, sidewalks and pathways unless forbidden by local authorities.

  • Illinois

Illinois allows the usage of e-bikes and applies regular bikes’ laws to them. However, your electric bike must have completely operable pedals and an electric motor of less than 750 watts for it to be street legal.

  • Indiana

Indiana authorities allow its citizens to own and use an e-bike within the state and they share same status as conventional bikes.

  • Lowa

E-bikes are street legal. They can be used on roadways, bike paths and bike lanes. However, the maximum speed of your electric bike must not exceed 20mph.

  • Kansas

Electric bikes can be used on city roads. However, they cannot be used on the highways and interstate roads. No special registration is license is needed to operate an electric bike.

  • Kentucky

Kentucky government defines electric bikes as “mopeds”. The speed must not exceed 30mph. No special registration is license is needed to operate an electric bike.

  • Louisiana

This law allows the use of e-bikes on state roads. However, before they are approved by the state, they must have manually operable pedals, a helper motor or both. The bike motor must have a rating of 50 cc or below and a maximum speed of 25 mph. An automatic transmission is also mandatory.

  • Maine

The state of Maine permits the use of e-bikes in their state roads. However, by state laws, the electric bike must have operable pedals, a 750 W-capacity motor and must not exceed the 20 mph speed limit.  An extremely significant aspect that derives whether an e=bike is street legal is the head and taillights. The vehicle must have white front lights and red backlight which must be visible from 500 feet in both directions.

  • Maryland

Electric bikes are legal in the state of Maryland but they must meet all the requirements set by state government before approval for street use.

  • Massachusetts

The state allows to use e-bikes and you need not register the e-bike before its use. However, your bike your e-bike cannot run on state highways and recreational bicycle paths.

  • Michigan

Michigan legalized the use of electric bike in 2018. E-bikes are not allowed on mountain bike trails and hiking trails, which are considered to be “Non-motorized trails”.

  • Minnesota

Here, electric bikes are street legal if they have pedals,motor and do not exceed 20 mph. All the bicycle laws apply to it though.

  • Mississippi

The state does not have any particular rules laid for electric bikes.

  • Missouri

Electric bikes are legal in this state but they are referred to as “mopeds”. They differ from regular bicycles. For your e-bike to be street legal, it must have headlamps and rear reflectors which must be used 30 minutes after the sunset and 30 minutes before the sunrise.

  • Montana

Here, e-bikes are restricted to bike paths and sidewalks. They are subject to bicycle laws.

  • Nebraska

The government here allows the use of e-bikes within its borders. The state does not need any licensing or registration for you to rise the bike.  However, riders must wear helmets.

  • Nevada

Electric bikes are street legal in Nevada. However, they can only be used on roads where the speed limits is lower that the speed of the device.

  • New Hampshire

In this state, Class 1 and Class 2 e-bikes can be used on bicycle paths except where it is forbidden. There is absolutely no need of a license or registrations but riders must be atleast 14 years of age.

  • New Jersey

The state here requires registration and a valid driver’s license to ride an e-bike. Riders must wear a helmet and yield to traffic at all times.

  • New Mexico

There is no law stating the status of electric bikes. Currently, e-bikes are treated the same way as regular bikes and are governed by the same laws. Electric bikes do not need any registration. However, helmets are mandatory for people under 18 years of age.

  • New York

E-bikes are illegal in New York state.

  • North Carolina

The state makes it legal to ride e-bikes. You must not exceed 25 mph. No law restricts the movement of electric bikes in Carolina. However, operators of electric bikes must yield the right of way to pedestrian and human-powered devices.

  • North Dakota

North Dakota allows its citizens to use e-bikes for travelling. Electric bikes cannot be registered and users under the age of 18 must wear a helmet. The maximum speed is 30 mph.

  • Ohio

The law on electric bikes is influenced by the 3 electric bike classifications-Class I, Class II, Class III. The riders of class 3 e-bikes must be at least 16 years of age and must wear a helmet.

  • Oklahoma

Electric bikes are legal in this state. The riders must be of at least 16 years of age. Registration is not needed but you must have a license.

  • Oregon

In this state, electric bikes are street legal. The authorities define electric bikes as “bicycles” and same laws are applicable to e-bike riders as cyclers.  Riders must be of atleast 16 years of age.

  • Pennsylvania

Electric bikes are considered as “Electric-Assist bicycles” and can be used on roadways.

  • Rhode Island

Electric bikes are street legal in this state but need a valid driver’s license to operate one. But you must be 16 years of age. Helmets are not required and bikes can be ridden anywhere.

  • South Carolina

Under these laws, e-bikes lack a clear definition. No registration or licensing is required and traffic rules must be followed.

  • South Dakota

The electric bikes share the same status as regular bicycles. No registration or licensing is required before using your electric bike. Electric bikes can go anywhere  but e-vike riders must yield to pedestrians and vehicles.

  • Tennessee

In this state, electric bikes are street legal and share the same status quo as traditional bikes. E-bikes,though, must meet a particular set of requirements before they are approved for use. Moreover, class III bicycles must have a speedometer which cannot be modified.

  • Texas

Electric bikes are legal in Texas. However, the speed limit of e-bikes must be 20 mph and the weight should be upto 100 lbs.

Helmets must be worn for riders under the age of eighteen. Bikes are allowed everywhere except sidewalks.

  • Utah

Utah makes e-bikes legal. The electric bikes share the same status as conventional bikes. The e-bikes do not require any registration, license or insurance. However, helmets are required for riders under the age of eighteen.

  • Vermont

The Vermont does not have a particular definition for electric bikes but they must be used like regular bicycles. They can be ridden anywhere except sidewalks, interstates and turnpikes.

  • Virginia

E-bikes are street legal in Virginia. Both, the e-bike and regular bike share the same status. They can be used on roadways, bike lanes but are not permitted on sidewalks.

  • Washington

No licensing or registration is required for the use of electric bikes in Washington. However, helmets are mandatory for riders under 16 years of age. The bikes can be used anywhere but the state reserves the right to place restrictions on where the bikes are allowed.

  • West Virginia

The state of West Virginia defines “electric bikes” and “mopeds” in the same manner hence they both share a similar status. E-bikes are not illegal but they are subject to same rules applicable to “mopeds”.

  • Wisconsin

A valid driver’s license, operator license, or instructional permit is required to ride an e-bike in this state. Only bike paths and pedestrian paths should be used when the motor is not in use. The e-bike is not allowed on sidewalks.

  • Wyoming

In the state of Wyoming, electric bikes and bicycles share the same status and hence they enjoy the same paths.

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Key Features:

  • Aluminum alloy frame

  • The adjustable front fork made of alloy

  • 7-speed Shimano gear

  • Tektro Aries brakes

  • 48V LED front light

  • Aluminum alloy grip brake lever with motor cutoff switch

  • 12-gauge stainless steel spokes

  • Reflector embedded Borita pedals

  • KMC chain

  • Twistable throttle with an on/off switch

  • Green, red, and yellow LED indicators for battery charging.

Turboant Thunder T1 Fat Tire Electric Bike
  • 750 brushless motor
  • 14 Ah Samsung battery
  • 330 lb max road
  • 19.9 mph max speed
  • 35-60 mile range
  • 28 mph top speed
  • RST hydraulic front fork
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The reason why it stands out and is considered as the best folding fat tire electric bike is due to its exceptional and top notch features and its premium build quality. It has been built keeping comfort in mind. Long story short, this electric bike is a perfect blend of comfort and convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a 13-year-old ride an electric bike?

The minimum age requirement for riding e- bicycles ranges from 14 to 16 years in most of the countries around the globe. The minimum age requirement is a direct function of electric bike’s  wattage and maximum speed limit.

Do I need insurance for an electric bike?

Similar to bicycles, an electric bike insurance is not legally demanded, however, having an insurance will be a better idea. An electric bike comes in the price ranging from $400 to $1800 or more, so if your e-bike gets stolen or damaged, insurance would help.

Are e-bikes considered motorized vehicles?

In USA, the classification of the electric bikes differs from state to state. For example, in Alabama and Alaska, electric bikes are considered equivalent to motor bikes. However, this is usually an exception to the rule. Most of the states consider e-bikes bicycles or electric assisted bicycles and hence do not require a driving license or impose a minimum driving age.

If all your doubts are cleared now, make sure you contact your state’s Department to ask for the current law. Happy e-riding!