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6 Affordable Folding Electric Scooters for Adults

At present, there are many folding electric scooters available on the market. If you love traveling on a scooter, then you should check out foldable scooters. In this article, we will showcase some of their amazing features as well as the pros and cons of the six best foldable electric scooters for adults. So, if you are eagerly anticipating purchasing a scooter this month, then you should read this article to find out the best electric scooter that suits your needs.

Hiboy MAX Electric Scooter

The Hiboy's MAX Electric high technology scooter is a comfortable scooter fit for regular rides. Even though this scooter underperformed on its release, it has been the center of attention lately, and rightfully so!


The Hiboy packs a lot of highlights sure to enhance your riding experience. You have a front light for late-night rides and a best-in-class application that tracks your actions. This scooter is considered to be one of the best fold-up scooters for adults on the market. The amazing 350 W engines handles all that you toss at it effortlessly. You can scale inclines with up to 15-degree rises effortlessly. The Hiboy's MAX electric super scooter stands out where different scooters fall behind. During testing, we discovered that its performance excelled when compared to other scooters, which easily earned this scooter a spot on our list.



  • With an extreme range of 17 miles and speed of 18.6 mph, this scooter performs well above average.
  • The battery on this scooter will last around 17 to 18 miles dependent on your use.
  • Charging time varies according to your usage and distance traveled. Ordinarily, scooters require four to six hours to energize or recharge. To travel long distances, it is best to let the battery charge for the full 6 




  • Hiboy MAX's amazing electric scooters have the best quality tries.
  • It gives a high-quality ride for its customers.
  • It has 3front light and one rear light.
  • It has the best dual braking mechanism.
  • The dual braking mechanism helps the scooter function smoothly, which is why we have labeled it the best fold-up scooter for adults.



  • The biggest negative about this one is its weight.
  • You cannot carry it for long distances and walking with this Hiboy MAX electric bike can be difficult for some people.
  • The shocks don’t perform well on rougher streets.



The best quality of the super TURBOANT X7 Pro is that you can fold its cylindrical stem easily, which is why many call it the best folding electric scooter around. TURBOANT designed this scooter with fantastic innovations, such as storing the battery inside the deck, unlike previous designs.



  • Easily folds in 3 It can be easily carried around, as it only weighs 33 lbs.
  • Equipped with premium quality tires, so you can ride comfortably even on uneven roads. It comes with a triple braking mechanism.
  • This scooter is considered to be one of the best folding electric scooters on the market. You can easily traverse around 28 to 30 miles.
  • Unlike its predecessor, you can easily remove its battery. It consists of 10 Ah batteries that help extend the range up to 30 miles.
  • It takes around 3 to 4 hours to completely charge the scooter.



  • It comes with 3 riding modes including an eco-mode, sports mode, and beginner mode.
  • You can travel 30 miles on a full charge.
  • Good quality tires.
  • Equipped with a triple braking system.



  • Its frame does not contain a portable option.
  • Sometimes it is difficult to carry by hand as it weighs 33 lbs.
  • The shocks don’t perform well on rougher streets.


GOTRAX GXL V2 Commuting electric scooter

The GOTRAX GXL V2 Commuting electric scooter comes at an affordable price, yet is an all-inclusive bike with circle brakes, nice reach, and the best quality tires. It's an ideal electric scooter for both youngsters and adults.


  • The GXL V2 is powered by a 250-watt super brushless powered DC engine that delivers good acceleration even on bumpy roads.
  • During tests, the GXL V2 commuting electric scooter hit a maximum speed of 16 mphin 10 seconds.
  • Generally, this is considered a good speed for most individuals, however, if you're acquainted with riding super-fast electric bikes, this could make you feel slow. However, it is the best affordable electric scooter on the market with good specifications.
  • The GXL V2 commuting electric scooter comes with a 187-watt lithium-ion
  • It takes around 5 to 6 hours to charge completely. If you do run out of battery power, it is very light, and the deck is sufficiently low enough to the ground to allow it to function as an ordinary kick scooter.



  • It consists of large tires which help the scooter ride comfortably.
  • The GXL V2 Commuting electric scooter is equipped with the best front regenerative and back disc brakes.
  • You can travel up to 16 miles.



  • You can feel more vibrations when riding on a bumpy road.
  • It doesn’t have a suspension option.
  • You have to kick start the engine up to 2 miles for smooth functioning.


Segway Ninebot

The Segway Ninebot is a significant, grounded, long-lasting form of the super mainstream Xiaomi super-powered Mi M365 electric scooter. This is great news, as the M365 has just set itself as one of the top electric bikes around the globe. The Segway Ninebot emulates the Xiaomi while also delivering a scooter that has lower upkeep and is more affordable.



  • The Segway Ninebot comes with a super-powered 350-watt ostensible and 700-watt top electric engine.
  • Has 40% more power when compared to the standard 250-watt powered engine found on the first M365 and different bikes in that "financial plan" class.
  • Offers 28-mile range in a quality bundle that makes it certain to outlive even the best folding electric scooter for adults.
  • Its bigger size gives more deck space and it has larger tires that make longer outings more enjoyable.
  • The Segway Ninebot is not an exciting racer bike. However, it is a faster scooter, and is a solid choice for individuals wanting a comfortable ride. It is easily one of the best folding electric scooters for adults.
  • You can travel up to 28 miles on a full battery, and it also comes with a six-month battery warranty, something not seen in most other electric scooters.



  • This Segway Ninebot can help you travel long distances and only weighs 42 lbs.
  • It is very easy to transport in a car.
  • You can travel up to 28 miles on a full charge.



  • This Segway Ninebot is not waterproof, like its other models.
  • Its airless tires give poor traction, it comes up short on a solid braking mechanism.
  • You won’t be able to carry it easily by hand as it weighs 42 lbs.


Razor E300 super Electric Scooter

The epic Razor E300 electric scooter is extremely well-designed, especially for youngsters. Normally, we would state that this scooter is best for youngsters, but at the same time, it is also an affordable all-around great electric scooter.

On the off chance that you want a bike that gives good rides around the park area or through and around the countryside, then this electric scooter is the best option for you.  



  • The Razor super E300 electric scooter can reach 15 mph, so we would consider the Razor E300 scooter a slower electric bike.
  • On the off chance that you want to drive fast, here are three alternatives that we strongly suggest; the Swagtron Commuter city mode (18 mph), the EcoSmart Metro mode (18 mph), and the super GoTrax Glider mode (16 mph).



  • Equipped with 10-inch tires that deliver a smooth riding experience.
  • Comes with three travel modes.
  • It is the best affordable electric scooter.



  • You can’t carry this electric scooter easily as it weighs 42 lbs.
  • You can only travel 10 miles on a full charge.
  • It isn’t a fast electric scooter.
  • Equipped with a weak battery, and takes 12 hours to fully charge.


Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight electric scooter

The super Glion Dolly electric scooter is a solid, no-nonsense, smaller electric scooter. It is considered to be the most convenient and accessible, making it one of the best folding electric scooters on the market.

A compact design is encouraged by cartwheels and an air terminal gear style extending conveying handle. The entire bike folds into a small, compact size that is easy to carry.  

The super Glion Dolly electric scooter is the best bike for the individuals who bring it in swamped public transportation. If this meets your requirements, at this point the buying decision is an easy one, as it is available at an affordable price.



  • The super Glion Dolly electric scooter comes with a 250-watt engine with high acceleration. The super electric scooter Glion Dolly depends altogether on a solitary back electronic brake to help you slow down.
  • Its brakes are enabled by a bend style control. The brake capacities in a parallel way with no limit with regards to adjusting their tension or amount. By this, we imply that the brakes are either completely on or off.
  • The bike took 9.4 seconds to reach 15 miles per hour during testing.
  • Consists of a 238-watt lithium-ion battery pack. Hit a maximum range of 6 miles.
  • Takes around four to five hours for a complete charge.



  • It is very easy to fold and carry.
  • It comes with 238-watt lithium batteries.
  • You can travel up to 6 miles.



  • The shocks don’t perform well on rougher streets.
  • You need to adjust the angle of the handles before riding the scooter.



We believe that any one of these 6 electric folding scooters would be a great improvement to your daily life.  They are all affordable and easy to ride. But you have to choose the best electric scooter that fulfills your requirements. All these above-mentioned electric scooters come with a good battery and with great features. At the end of the day, it is your money, so choose the best electric scooters from any of these folding electric scooters.

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