Electric Scooter Riding Safety Tips for Beginners

Wed, Dec 16, 20

Nowadays, most youngsters use electric scooters, right? Not only youngsters, but adults as well are using these innovative electric scooters for fun, safe rides! However, when riding, you should follow electric scooter safety tips to avoid accidents. When it comes to scooters vs bikes, scooters are considered to be the better option because of their increased safety and lower price range. Electric scooters are much safer and better than bikes. If you are willing to purchase an electric scooter for yourself or your children, read this article. In this article, we will talk about electric scooters, whether they are truly safe or not, and what safety tips should be followed while riding.

Is an electric scooter safe?

An investigation led by the transportation and public health divisions in connection with the CDC brought up issues relating to scooter bike wellbeing. Many researchers and specialists found that around twenty to twenty-five for every ten thousand riders had at one point become injured while riding their scooter and required treatment. Almost 45% of the recorded injuries were head wounds. This study concluded that the number of electric scooter injuries was similar to pedestrian and bicycle injuries, with the exception that only 40.2% of injuries in these cases were head injuries. So, to avoid accidents, it is best to follow electric scooter safety tips proposed by the authorities.

How can you be safe on a scooter?

If you are already using an e-bike, figuring out 'how to fall properly’ to avoid injury has been demonstrated to you in sports such as skating, snowboarding, and wake-boarding. Suggestions incorporate squatting down when you feel as though you are losing grip so you don't fall so far from your electric scooter, try to roll while falling as opposed to putting your arms and feet first, try to land on tougher body parts, for example, your bottom, hips, and thighs instead of feet, hands, and head, and attempt to loosen up your body when tumbling to allow the momentum to disperse on contact. Try to practice falling with your youngsters on soft surfaces or grass to allow them to become acquainted with the way their bodies react to gravity.


Most e-bike organizations expect their customers to be eighteen or older, however, implementation is restricted. In the Austin study, 4.7% of wounds examined were from riders 18 or younger, and in Los Angeles around 10.8% of the people were eighteen or younger.


Protective helmets lower the danger of mortality by around 85% when worn during cycling, and in this way should be utilized while riding electric scooters. Closed toed shoes will help protect your feet and toes from catching or snagging. Elbow pads and kneepads are also suggested. So, to avoid head and bodily injuries, you should follow these electric scooter safety tips.

Are electric scooters safer than bikes?

You must be thinking that scooters are safer than motorcycles, but in reality, it all depends upon the rider and whether he/she is following smart scooter riding tips. Since the terrible passing of YouTuber Emily Hartridge when she crashed into a lorry while riding an electric bike in London, there has been an expansion in interest in the wellbeing of electric bikes (e-bikes), both by the general public and specialists. As shocking as Ms. Hartridge's passing was, it doesn't disclose to us anything about the overall safety and reliability of e-bikes. It just reveals to us that there are indeed real dangers associated with riding e-bikes.


However, all things considered, e-bikes and motorcycles are considered to be more dangerous than electric scooters, mainly because of the differences in obtainable speeds. Many e-bikes and motorcycles can reach speeds of up to 200 miles per hour. But when we look at the electric scooters, we see that they are only capable of going 20 to 30 miles per hour. Each nation also has certain electric scooter rules and regulations, and it is required for the riders to follow those rules and regulations.

Getting started on an electric scooter

Here are seven easy steps that will have you riding your electric scooter around like a pro!


Riding/utilizing an electric bike is actually very easy and intuitive. Be that as it may, getting the basics down properly is paramount to your health and safety. Follow the steps listed below, and you'll be riding in a matter of seconds.

  1. Place the e-scooter/bike on a clear, level street or walkway

This will allow you to gain proficiency and a feel for riding without stressing over slopes or various obstructions.

  1. Raise your electric scooter kickstand

Try to utilize both of your feet to raise the kickstand under or close to the bike. It will lean after this, so make certain to hold on to it!

  1. Utilize a kick bike position

Place your non-dominant foot on the bike's deck with your foot pointing ahead. Lean forward and hold the handlebars with both hands.

  1. Place your dominant leg on the deck

When you are moving, position your dominant foot on the deck behind your other foot. This will permit you to keep your balance and maintain control.

  1. Press the choke consistently

Different types of e-bikes will have various types of chokes, yet the application is the same for every one of them. Start with a moderate, smooth movement to get the bike going. Utilize your dominant foot to keep your balance while you are starting to move.

  1. Pivot the handlebars to turn and move

Turning the handlebars will make the bike turn. Like the choke, movements should be made without rushing to keep the ride as smooth as can be.

  1. Utilize the brakes

Most brakes on scooters are the same as those found on any other bike. Essentially, simply pull on the brake switch to slow down the bike. Make certain to pull gradually, as you can be tossed from the bike if you squeeze too hard or too fast! Make sure you use the back brake first, as this will help you slow down slower and more evenly.


You now know the nuts and bolts of riding an electric bike. It isn't too difficult, and the vast majority can get out and go in just about 10 minutes. Safety gear is critical as you'll soon be cruising at remarkable speeds once you become acclimated to your e-bike.

Regardless of whether you'll be getting an adult’s electric bike or a children's e-bike, you should know everything you’ll need to begin. Make a point to consistently lock up your electric bike when leaving it unattended, as they're unfortunately inclined to getting stolen. Additionally, keep in mind that you should follow the electric scooter safety tips while riding, and remember to use a helmet and kneepads when riding an electric scooter.

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