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What Is An Electric Bike?

Tue, Mar 16, 21

The current ascension in the demand for electric bikes has led people to wonder what is an e-bike and the reason for its popularity. Everything has become either digitalized or electronically independent to help ease human functions. The invention of e-bikes is one such service to those who wish to make their commute easier. Let's dive into.

Table of Content

  1. Learning What Is An E-bike?
  2. What Are The Common Types of E-Bikes?
  3. How do Electric Bikes Work and Differ from Pedal Bikes?
  4. What Is An electric bike And How It Works?
  5. How to Charge An Electric Bike?
  6. Conclusion

Learning What Is An E-bike?

The discussion about what is an e-bike and how do e-bikes work begins as soon as one spots the electric motor on the bike. The electric bike looks almost the same as a pedal bike with a few additions. The most prominent difference between the pedal bike and electric bike is the presence of a small electric motor. This electric motor brings the electric factor to the bike, it can charge the bike forward at high speeds or even assist in a simple hike. The electric motor functions as a boost when the rider applies pressure.

Lightweight prototype electric stunt bike
Although everyone can use the electric bike, people who have started biking use it the most. The electric bike does not promote vigorous exercising or strenuous activities. Regular cycling requires a lot of strength especially if it involves going uphill. This kind of strength might not be available for the elderly or people recovering from an injury. This does not mean that these individuals cannot ride a bike, they can enjoy all the benefits of riding a bike with the e-bike.

Essentially the difference is hard to detect since the electric motor is located on the side. People can choose the electric bike for its efficiency and smart functions. An electric bike integrates modern technology with older systems. The experience of riding an e-bike is thrilling and comforting at the same time since the bike is very safe to use. The rider can choose to commute at high speeds without any fear since the e-bikes have an exceptional braking system. 

What Are The Common Types of E-Bikes?

There are a few common e-bike styles to help you get started:

  • Cruiser: Cruiser e-bikes are best for recreational riders who want comfort as they cruise. They're designed mostly for flat terrains like bike paths and paved roads. Cruisers have wide tires and usually feature a suspension system to reduce shock in the front fork and the seat. The handlebars are placed higher to provide a more upright ride that's easy on the back.
  • Commuter: A commuter e-bike is good for running errands, commuting to work or getting where you need to go fast, even if it's far. Commuter bikes typically have large, narrow tires built for efficiency and an upright design for comfort. They also feature comfortable seats, but the seats usually aren't as wide as cruiser seats.
  • Mountain: Mountain e-bikes are built for thrill-seekers who want to venture into off-roading trails, and have fun as they ascend steep hills fast. They feature wide tires and flat handlebars to help riders tackle rugged terrain and dirt trails.
  • Road: Road e-bikes are similar to cruiser bikes in that they are designed for recreational riding on paved surfaces. The difference is they have narrow tires and drop handlebars to encourage fast riding. These lightweight bikes are designed to quench a thirst for speed.

    How do Electric Bikes Work and Differ from Pedal Bikes?

    An e-bike and pedal bike has many similarities as well as visible differences. Ideally, the electric bike was based on the structure of a normal bike. First-time riders or those hopping on the bike again may think about how electric bike works. The new and transformed appearance of the e-bike compared to a pedal bike may look intimidating. The noticeable difference between the two bikes shows when the electrical drive system comes into vision.

    The pedal bike relies on human force to thrust forward however the e-bike assists the rider in moving forward. The electrical components add considerable ease for those who wish to ride up-hill without getting exhausted. The e-bike has wheels, pedals, a handlebar, and a seating area in the same way as a regular bike. The difference is clear in the following areas of the electric bike:

    • Handle Bars: You cannot manage your speed without a speedometer thus the e-bikes have a modern back-lit led display that shows all the essentials required while riding. This LCD summarizes the speed, odometer, trips, and battery level. Moreover, you can switch from pedal-free cruising to assist mode through the screen.
    • Battery: The battery powers the electric bike to extended distances. The rider and recharge the removable batteries by making stops, you can even replace the batteries as long as they are the same size as the bike. The batteries usually last for a 40-mile average.
    • Gears: The 7-8 gear levels ensure that rider has a lot of choices when they commute. You can start with lower gears and eventually shift towards high gears. Higher gears correspond to higher pedal assist and greater speed. On the other hand, lower gears offer less support during pedaling. 
    • Motor: The motor is the most crucial part of the e-bike. The motor has an average performance of 500W and a peak performance of 750 watts. The 750 Watt power drives the e-bike at top speed while maintaining balance. The 500W level is ideal for flat terrains moreover it offers a smooth ride at any level. 

    What Is An Electric Bike And How It Works?

    The regular pushbike relies on human force to propel forwards. The bike will come to a halt as soon as this force stops. On the other hand, the pedal-assist motion in the-bike only starts when the rider starts to pedal. The rider still makes an effort in pedaling but it does not have the same energy as before. The bike can travel a larger distance with less effort and time compared to the pedal bike. A regular bike will also not display the speedometer or have an LCD. These electronic features come with the e-bike only. 

    E Bikes includes motor & batteries
    The torque sensor within the electric bike matches the e-bikes speed with the pedaling speed. Unlike a regular bike, you can also switch to high and low gears. The electric bikes are also heavier than normal bikes, this does not mean that they become harder to stop. You cannot fully understand what is an e-bike without knowing how an electric start works in bikes. The electric start begins as soon as the rider starts to pedal, you can hear the motor come into action. 

    How to Charge An Electric Bike? 

    Charging the e-bike battery is as easy as charging your mobile phone or laptop. The detachable batteries do not weigh a ton. You can attach the batteries to a wall outlet and wait for the light to turn green. A well-charged battery is the safest option while traveling long distances. The easy charging function makes it easy to travel long distances without worrying.


    The comprehension of what is an e-bike becomes more clear when you take the new model out for a spin. The future shows these e-bikes as the replacement for the wheels we have today. Currently, e-bikes are available for 18 and above. Whether it is gen z or the millennials, everyone is curious about how electric bicycle works. These bikes give the rider the best of both worlds, you can enjoy pedaling and do so without breaking a sweat. 

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