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Top 5 Tips for Buying An Electric Bike

Thu, Jul 29, 21

Riding a bicycle is today a whole another experience thanks to the e-bikes. Indeed, technology has dramatically impacted mobility, and e-bicycle is rapidly dominating the market. We have all seen or heard about an electric bike, but there is more to these bikes that many people know. That is why, when buying an e-bike, you need to ensure that you get the right thing. Note that there are counterfeits in the market, and you don’t want to buy one.

In this read up, we will look at what one should do to get a legit e-bike that will serve the intended purpose. And we will help you find out how to buy an electric bike with high performance.

top 5 tips for buying an electric bike - Turboant

Factors to consider when buying an electric bike

As mentioned, there are so many e-bike brands in the market. However, all these come with different features. Therefore, you need to check on the following features before making up your mind;


Electric bikes run on the motor, and as we know, there are different types of e- bike motors, differentiated by their performance power measured in watts. For e-bike motors power range between 250, 350, 500 and 750 watts. The higher the motor watt power, the more powerful the bike. Although this is expected with these motors, you need to be extra careful and confirm if you are getting what you are buying. Counterfeit e-bicycles will show a specific motor power, but the bike may not be performing as expected in the real sense. If you compare a counterfeit 750-watt e-bike to an original one, you will realize that they cannot move at the same speed given the same conditions. The fake version will always be slower.

2.Motor types

Other than the power produced by the motors, it would be best if you also considered the types. Usually, there are three types of motors that you are likely to find with e-bikes. They include;

Mid-drive motor

The mid-drive motor is located at the bottom bracket so that power is generated directly to the system when you pedal. The good thing about this kind of e-bike motor is, you can degenerate power back to the battery whey slowing down by back-peddling. However, you should know that it has its disadvantage, which is, it’s lethal to your chain, derailleur and rear wheel cassette. This is all because power runs directly through the drive train.

Geared hub motor

This is perhaps the most popular e-bike motor in the market and is found in a wide variety of e-bike models. It is attached to the back wheel, and the hub is fitted with gear. With a single complete peddle cycle, the gears inside turn up to 5 times, making your ride effortless even on inclined terrain. It is the type of motor that you will find in an electric city bike used for running errands like grocery shopping since it is powerful enough to withstand a significant amount of weight. However, it is not the perfect option since the nature of the motor prevents power degeneration. That means, once you have powered up the motor through peddling, there is no mechanism to reduce the already generated power.

Direct drive hub motor

Almost similar to the geared hub motor, the direct-drive hub motor has a larger diameter and does not have any gears inside the hub. It is, however, much power and has more weight than the other types of e-bike motors. That makes them ideal for more heavy-duty work as well.


Turboant Ranger R1 City Electric Bike Motor



The price of an e-bike has a lot of influence over what you will walk away with from the bike store. Naturally, expensive e-bikes tend to be more expensive, while less powerful ones cost much less. It, however, depends on where and when you are making your purchase. If you are lucky enough to get a running discount offer, you might spend less money for a more expensive and better e-bike than what your budget could afford. You also have the choice of buying a used electronic bike but, you need to be extra sure that it does not have any major breakdown problems.

4.Handling and performance

A test run may be the best way to determine this since there is no way of getting the most accurate feel of riding a bicycle other than actually riding it. During the test drive, you will want to pay more attention to how much effort you are making to keep the bike moving. You will also want to take note of the handles and the general balance of the bicycle. As much as riding a bicycle does seem to take a lot, the kind of experience that one gets when riding matters a lot. Plus, it is the only way to inspect what the bike is offering critically.


You already know that there are different models of electric bikes. These models have different features. For example, you can find a fat tire electric bike and an electric bike with a thinner tire, all from different models trying to sell a different feature. Having good knowledge about the various electric bike models will go a long way to protect you from buying a counterfeit. Fake electric bikes tend to imitate the original thing so that they can easily confuse the buyers. They usually alter a brand identity to sound or look similar to the original item.

Bottom line

Electric bikes are shaping the future of personal mobility thanks to the fact that they are more environmentally friendly and are much easier to manage. You will not need to worry about parking space with an electric bike, neither will you need to push it up the hill. Since these bikes don’t need as much strength as riding a real bike, it is the most ideal for the elderly and the disabled. You will also enjoy longer rides that were impossible before since physical riding demands a lot from the body compared to electric bikes. With these tips for buying an electric bike, you will not go wrong.

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